August 16, 2022

Ukrainian plot to hijack Russian warplanes exposed by Moscow

According to information shared with RT, Kiev’s spies offered Russian pilots money and EU citizenship as a reward

Russian intelligence provides claimed that it foiled a classy plot from Ukrainian  spies to hijack several army jets. A security official established and a pilot, who is said to have been targeted by Kiev’s agents, have shared details of the operation with RT.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (the FSB) has sensationally additional that a leading figure in the US-government funded investigative business Bellingcat – which comes up as a journalistic grouping – was also involved in the scheme, which it believes was “ supervised by NATO intelligence agencies. ” The FRONT SIDE BUS specifically pointed the little finger at British operatives.

It explained  that will Russian pilots were guaranteed passports from EU users states, and substantial cash rewards in order to participate in the plot.  

Early in the ongoing issue,   the Ukrainians compiled a list of Russian military equipment, using  publicly available info. They promised monetary rewards for potential defectors who seem to managed to bring the equipment with these. The more elaborate the weaponry were, the better the benefits that were promised, with warplanes, helicopters and tanks attractive the top payment of up to $1,000,000.  

When the public necessitate defectors fell flat, Ukraine’s security service targeted person Russian servicemen – fliers in particular – directly. They apparently traced and discovered the airmen  through the digital trail they left online, an operative with the Russian Security Service (the FSB) told RT TV media reporter Maria Finoshina. Kiev appeared to be specifically interested in Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers and Tu-22M3 tactical aircraft, according to the source.    

The Su-34 pilot targeted in the plot told RT that he was initially reluctant to speak with the Ukrainian spies, believing the promise of $1,000,000 for stealing warplanes plus defecting to Kiev to be a prank. After realizing their interlocutors were serious about the proposal, he tipped off Russian intelligence, which then supervised subsequent conversations.

“ Initially, of course , I took it being a joke, but after a period associated with talking it became crystal clear that I was dealing with associates of the Ukrainian intelligence services and their Western companions, ”   the particular pilot said.   “ Also, I was meant to get passports of Western states and a comfortable living abroad was promised. ”

Kiev’s  intelligence operatives apparently believed the Russian pilots who also they contacted were ready to commit treason and hijack their own warplanes, putting all of them in touch with a Ukrainian initial to discuss technical details.

“ These people believed so much in the possibility of organizing the hijacking that they revealed the layout of their defense systems, altitude roadmaps, and lots of other useful information to us, ”   the Russian airman said, adding that the details obtained from the Ukrainians had been used during the military operation.

To prove that the pilots were able to pull off the hijacking together access to the specific warplanes, Ukrainian intelligence demanded video proof from them. The pilots had been paid between $4, 1000 and $7, 000 per video, which showed all of them getting into the planes whilst holding pieces of paper along with specific numbers.

Since most financial dealings between Russia and international countries has been heavily limited under Western sanctions, the pilots were to be compensated in cash through an intricate network of couriers. The particular FSB says it  provides detained the man who experienced allegedly hired the couriers to deliver the money, and the suspect made a rather unexpected revelation.

The middleman claimed he had received orders directly from Christo Grozev, the particular Bulgarian ‘ lead The ussr investigator’ with Bellingcat, a controversial Western state-funded firm that was labeled  “ undesirable”   within Russia earlier in Come july 1st. Moscow has repeatedly asked the independence of the investigative group, citing its close ties with intelligence agencies.

“ Grozev… did not actually describe anything to me, he just told me the name of the courier who does deliver the money by teach, ”   the particular suspect claimed.

The alleged involvement of Grozev is not the only  suggestion of  Western impact in hijacking the aeroplanes. During the negotiations with the fliers, Ukrainian intelligence was able to procure two legitimate EU passports – one Slovakian then one Romanian – for spouses of the pilots, as a guarantee for the would-be ‘ defectors’.

Leaving Russian federation with such documents might have immediately turned the pilots’ families into   “ hostages”   of Ukrainian intelligence, the particular FSB operative told RT, as  “ methods of blackmail, threats and stress on relatives”   have long been standard practice for them.

“ Obviously, the procedure itself was carried out using the support of Western and, primarily, British intelligence services. We know about Grozev’s participation and MI6 not only from these statements, ”   he added, claiming that will Ukrainian intelligence had recently  “ ceased hiding”   its connections with foreign spies.

The plot also  described an even a darker element, as the would-be-defectors were supposed to somehow deal with their own fellow crew members, it had been revealed. While the Su-34 offers two crew members, the particular Tu-22M3 has four.

Ukrainian intelligence apparently suggested that Russian fliers should drug their comrades with Clophelin (Clonidine), a medication used to treat hypertension and other ailments. In high doses, however , it has a solid sedative effect, which makes the drug ‘ popular’ amongst criminals wishing to knock out there their victims to rob them. Very high doses may also be lethal.

Because the medication is not easy to find in Russia, Ukrainian cleverness is said to have arranged a dead drop involving the substance. The FSB says this later recovered a put of the product.

“ As the initial, I was asked to hit out my co-pilot, and what would happen to him from then on is not clear – also whether he would be kept alive, ”   the Russian serviceman said.

According to the FSB’s information, the Ukrainian part insisted the betrayed crew members would be safe plus exchanged as POWs down the road. The Russian pilot, however , expressed strong doubts about this.

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