Unsightly Covid Lies: Ron Paul

The big problem now, after what is apparently a tsunami of vaccine-related injuries, is will any person be forced to pay for the untruths and subterfuge?

After two years of unprecedented government tyranny with the intention of fighting a virus, the prime instigators of this infamy are usually walking free, writing textbooks, and openly pretending they will never said the things these people clearly said over and over.

Take Trump’s White House Covid response coordinator Deborah Birx, such as. She was, as the Brownstone Institute’s Jeffrey Tucker points out in a recent article, the key architect of the disastrous “ lockdown” policy that damaged more lives than Covid itself. Birx knew that locking a country down in response to a virus was obviously a radical move that would never ever be endorsed. So , as she admits in her new book, she lied about it.

The lady sold the White Home on the out-of-thin-air “ fifteen days to slow the particular spread” all the while knowing there was no evidence it would go such thing. As the lady wrote in her new book,   Silent Invasion, “ I didn’t have the numbers in front of me yet to make the case for increasing it longer, but I had two weeks to get them. ”

She was playing for time with no evidence. As it turns out, the lady was also destroying the lifestyles of millions of Americans. The particular hysteria she created resulted in countless businesses destroyed, numerous suicides, major depressions, substance addictions. It led to numerous deaths due to delays within treatment for other illnesses. It may turn out to be the most fatal mistake in medical history.

As she uncovered in her book, my mom actually wanted to isolate everybody in the United States! Writing about how many people would be allowed to gather, she mentioned: “ If I pushed pertaining to zero (which was actually the things i wanted and what was required), this would have been interpreted as being a ‘ lockdown’— the opinion we were all working so hard avoiding. ”

My mom wanted to prevent even two people from meeting. How is the idea possible that someone like this reached gain so much power around our lives? One virus and we suddenly become Communist India?

Last week in the Fox News interview your wife again revealed the degree of her treachery. Soon after months of relentlessly difficult that all Americans get the Covid shots, she revealed that the particular “ vaccines” were not vaccines at all!

“ I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection, ” she told Fox. “ And I think we overplayed typically the vaccines. And it made most people then worry that it’s never going to protect against severe disease in addition to hospitalization. ”

So when did she be aware of this? Did she the idea when she told DASAR in late 2020 that “ this is one of the most highly-effective vaccines we have in our infectious health problems arsenal. And so that’s why I will be very enthusiastic about the vaccine”?

If this lady knew all along the “ vaccines” were not vaccines, why didn’t she tell us? Because, as she admits in her book, this lady believes it’s just fine to help lie to people in order to get them to do what she wishes.

She admits that she employed “ subterfuge” against her ceo – President Donald Overcome – to implement Covid policies he opposed. In order that it should be no surprise that our daughter lied to the American many people about the efficacy of the Covid shots.

The best question now, after what exactly appears to be a tsunami connected with vaccine-related injuries, is would anyone be forced to pay for this lies and subterfuge? Are going to anyone be held in order to account for the lives wasted for the arrogance of the Birxes and Faucis of the world?

This short article first appeared on RonPaulInstitute. org .

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