Issue Of Interest? Dr . Simone Precious metal Sentenced To Jail By Judge She Allegedly Rejected For A Date In College

The political targeting associated with January 6th attendees proceeds

Dr . Simone Precious metal, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors and a common Infowars guest, has been sentenced to 60 days in prison by a judge who she says should have recused himself through the case.

A statement Dr . Precious metal delivered to Julie Kelly upon Monday night explains the judge presiding over her case once asked her on a date while they were attending Stanford University Regulation School, a request the lady declined.

Upon seeing the judge’s name on her court docket, the doctor mentioned she assumed he’d recuse himself from the case because of their history.

“ The government charged me as a criminal defendant because of being present at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, ” Dr . Gold wrote.

She ongoing, “ I found out which i was assigned to Judge Christopher Cooper. This did not indicate anything to me. I believed he would have recused himself as we knew each other in law school. ”

The doctor described interacting with Judge Cooper on “ several” occasions during college.

“ 1 was one time when we walked/talked for some time (perhaps two hours) and got some meals, ” she wrote. “ I believe this was second half first year. My memory space was we walked from the Law School to a common area (on campus). I don’t recall what we got etc . I recall common conversation – that he was from the south, that he choose to go to Yale, that he has been ambitious. ”

“ The discussion was pleasant, ” Doctor Gold admitted. “ My impression was that he has been cute and that he believed similarly of me. There were other brief ‘ hello how are you’ pleasantries. The other interaction that was out was a week, possibly two weeks later. This was within the (outside) courtyard of the Regulation School and we were just talking. After about 10 to 15 minutes Casey asked myself out again, this time a formal invitation to a dinner date, following our earlier less formal interactions. This I declined. Just because I wasn’t interested. ”

Again, the doctor mentioned she assumed Judge Cooper would have recused himself.

During the sentencing, Doctor Gold claimed the determine repeatedly acted with animus toward her, such as proclaiming she ‘ showed no remorse for the five people that died’ on Jan. sixth.

“ This particular statement is well noted to be false, it is well known to be a talking point of a certain political bias, and it is irrelevant to me. It was bizarre, ” she wrote.

According to Dr . Gold, “ a review of other sentences by Judge Cooper failed to expose even a single other case wherein he sentenced a misdemeanor trespass to sixty days in federal prison. ”

Ahead of going to jail, the doctor published a pair of posts to Twitter, saying she’s “ honored by the recent outpouring of support from around the world since the day arrives when I should surrender to prison. ”

“ Thanks to everyone still position with me in this fight for freedom and for true, impartial, equal justice under the law, ” Dr . Gold added.

Last week, Dr . Gold joined Kate Dalley whom hosted the fourth hour of “ The Alex Jones Show. ”

The pair discussed the selective sentencing for January 6th attendees as community figures have been targeted more than individuals filmed engaging in or even encouraging violence, like provocateur Ray Epps.

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