August 7, 2022

Caution! Russia Claims Ukraine Provocations Against Europe’s Largest Nuclear Plant Could Result In Catastrophe

Nuclear vehicle accident ‘would affect more than just Ukraine’

Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova  warned the international community of a prospective nuclear disaster on Tues, claiming the Ukrainian army has been attacking Europe’s main nuclear power plant.

Last week, Zakharova revealed Russia carried an appeal to the International Atomic Vigor Agency (IAEA)  regarding the Ukrainian army’s attacks on the plant, called Zaporozhye NPP.

On July 16 and 20, the Ukrainian army allegedly attacked your nuclear power plant using drones.

Speaking about that assault, Zakharova said, “ This confirms that the Kiev regime intends to create the conditions for a nuclear catastrophe not just on its own territory but in total Europe. ”

“ We have already sorted out the leadership of the IAEA’s Secretariat over this car accident and are expecting the appropriate reaction on the part of the agency, ” she pronounced .

About Tuesday, Zakharova again issued a caution to all associated with Europe, saying the Ukrainian attacks on Zaporozhye perhaps present a danger to “ states that provide military help to the criminal regime. ”

The Russian spokeswoman said the attacks regarding the plant “ violated almost all seven principles of nuclear safety, formulated by the IAEA Director General” as well as the “ principles of the UN Rent, international law and the IAEA Charter. ”

Concluding her remarks, Zakharova said, “ We alert the Zelensky regime in opposition to continuing provocations against Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant, which sometimes lead to a nuclear chance whose grave consequences would likely affect more than just Ukraine. We all call on the international society to be vigilant on this dilemma and condemn the actions for this Kiev authorities. ”

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