August 7, 2022

Chinese language Army May Impose No-Fly Zone to Thwart Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan – Mass media

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’ s visit to Taiwan might entail an unforeseen risk of a military conflict among Chinese and US military, with Beijing poised to impose a no-fly area or a restricted navigation area in the Taiwan Strait to thwart the visit, the South China Morning Posting reported on Wednesday. Pelosi is […]#@@#@!!

US House associated with Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan may require an unforeseen risk of a military conflict between Chinese and US armed forces, along with Beijing poised to enforce a no-fly zone or even a restricted navigation area within the Taiwan Strait to thwart the visit, the South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday.

Pelosi is certainly reportedly planning a trip to Taiwan   in the coming days, raising serious concerns through Beijing. China has frequently criticized the United States for maintaining official contacts with Taiwan, saying such actions infringe on China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and trigger instability in the region.

The newspaper cited army experts who believe that when Pelosi keeps insisting on visiting Taiwan, Beijing is going to do its utmost to prevent the girl from traveling to the isle, using diplomatic, economic as well as military means.

“ Pelosi’s plan to visit Taiwan will be increasing the risk of military turmoil between the PLA [Chinese People’s Liberation Army] and the US army over the Taiwan issue, because today’s [mainland] China is so different from the main one in the mid-1990s, ” Chinese language naval expert Li Jie said.

He referred to the Third  Taiwan Strait Crisis   within 1995-1996 when Washington dispatched two aircraft carriers hit groups to the region trying to prevent the PLA from turning its missile drills in to an actual invasion of Taiwan. Li added that the ALL OF US military had stated that it could deploy aircraft service providers to escort Pelosi if required, but the Chinese army currently has two aircraft companies in service, therefore it would be too risky for either part to deploy such ships in the waterways.

Meanwhile, Ni Lexiong, professor at the Shanghai University of Political Science and Legislation, said that the narrowing military and technical gap among Beijing and Washington has made the Chinese authorities a lot more assertive and less understanding of provocations and challenges from the United States.

“ Beijing has tremendous means to push Pelosi to give up her plan. In terms of army options, for example , the PLA might announce a no-fly zone and restricted routing zone for military exercises near the Taiwan Strait, making Pelosi’s aircraft to make a detour if she insists on visiting Taiwan, ” Ni said. Simultaneously, Ni assumes that Beijing still prefers to pursue diplomatic tools to persuade the US to cancel Pelosi’s trip.

“ For example , Beijing could enjoy the Russia card, by selling something the US isn’t going to like, as China nevertheless refuses to follow international sanctions over Moscow’s invasion associated with Ukraine, ” he additional.

A military source informed the newspaper on the condition of anonymity that Pelosi’s visit could coincide with the anniversary of the founding of the PLA on August 1 ) On that occasion, the  Chinese army might organize large-scale military drills in the Taiwan Strait,   involving a large number of warships and aircraft. In his look at, the Chinese military will be more active in patrolling in the Taiwan Strait and from the eastern coast of Taiwan, since the US may attempt to bring Pelosi by warship from the US naval base in Okinawa.

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