August 7, 2022

Comedian Rob Schneider: ‘If Biden Was A Dog, You’d Place Him Down’

Sleepy Joe is literally the laughing share of the world

Legendary comedian Rob Schneider lately posted a video to his Instagram page where he joked that Joe Biden is so mentally and physically unfit he would be put out of his misery if he had been a dog.

The clip is going virus-like between those who found the joke hilarious and those that are triggered by the brutal criticism of Biden.

“ Let’s be honest about this, ” he told the audience. “ If Joe Biden was a dog, you’d put him down. You just would certainly. You’d have to. You know, a person would just take him outside with a five iron. Check out that will beautiful sunset Fido and boom, it’d be over. ”

The establishment is dropping its grip on the masses as populism grows and the average person begins to see the horrors the global elite have planned for humanity.

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