August 7, 2022

Fire-Stricken Liberals Freak After CALIFORNIA ‘Militia Group’ Provides Tragedy Aid

“The last thing I’m going to do is take a free tri-tip sandwich from a right-wing extremist group. “

When the militia arrived in the small Sierra foothills town of Mariposa, California, to assist with evacuation efforts amid a fast-spreading wildfire, not all residents were pleased by the appearance of normal citizens dressed in military fatigues.  

Over the weekend, about  150  California State Militia 2nd Regiment members, including 20 local ones and others from surrounding counties,   assisted with  evacuations efforts.   The group also fed lots of displaced households.  

“ Wish part of the community.

“ We’re watching our own community burn down, and even though a lot of the members that came to help, they’re spread out, we’re all part of the same unit, and this is what we do, ”   militia member Daniel Latner, who lives in Mariposa County, told  The particular Mercury News .

As of Tuesday,   the wildfire, dubbed “ Oak Fire, ” burned 18, 000 acres across Mariposa County  and was only 26% contained.  

Even as Oak Fire inched closer to the town of Mariposa, wiping out 55 homes and other structures, some residents weren’t appreciative of militia support.  

“ The last thing I’m going to do can be take a free tri-tip sandwich from a right-wing extremist team, ”   said one resident, who asked never to be named because the lady feared provoking “ armed and dangerous” people.

“ We’re quite angry that they would decide to come in at a time of actual gravity to try to turn this particular into a political move, ” said the woman, who functions remotely and  accused the group of “ trying to sponsor people in a disaster. ”

The particular Mariposa Sheriff’s Office upon Sunday addressed public concerns about the militia supporting the community:  

“ We had received multiple notifications inquiring why we had ‘ activated that militia, ‘” the office said in the Facebook post.

“ The militia has not been activated or requested to do something for any purpose by the Sheriff’s Office or any agency operating the Oak Fire. ”

“ We have been not unsupportive of neighborhood groups helping those impacted by the Oak Fire …   they are acting on their very own courteous accord, ”   the post continued.

“ We value their efforts and any kind of … efforts of some other private groups or organizations helping our community. ”

In the county where about forty percent of the  people identified Democrat in the last presidential selection and nearly 60%  for that Republican Party, not all  residents are reluctant to get help from militia associates.

It appears that liberals would rather burn, starve, or freeze than take evacuation assistance from someone on the other side of the political aisle… Tolerance and acceptance indeed.

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