August 9, 2022

Peter Schiff: Americans Paying for Big Government Through the Inflation Tax

“The only way to solve the inflation issue is to dramatically cut government spending and to allow rates of interest to rise to a market level. Now, when that happens, it’s going to be terrible so far as asset prices collapsing, disappointments, bankruptcies. “

Rapidly increasing prices   place the squeeze on everybody’s purses. A recent study showed that inflation is hitting non-urban Americans particularly hard.

Based on the Iowa State University review, people in rural places now spend 91% of their income on expenses alone. Peter Schiff recently appeared on  Rob Schmitt Tonight   to talk about the pain of the  inflation tax .

Schmitt said the last time Peter was on the program, he painted a “ very ugly picture about what’s coming for the United states economy. ” Peter stated the picture is getting uglier.

“ I think we’re not within recession, which was something that I used to be predicting. So , inflation obtained stronger as the economy got weaker. And I think this recession is just getting started, and it’s going to last a long time. ”

Peter said that if you talk about families struggling with pumpiing, they’re really struggling with federal government.

“ Inflation is a tax. It is the way government finances debt spending. Government spends cash. It doesn’t collect enough taxes, so it has to run deficits. The Federal Reserve monetizes those defiticts – designs money. They call it quantitative easing, but that’s pumpiing. Government is getting bigger and bigger, and families across America are going to have to bear that will burden through higher costs. ”

The government has additionally artificially suppressed interest rates for years. Schmitt said we’re spending the price for those decades of “ cheap money. ”

Peter agreed, emphasizing that interest rates ought to reflect the free market, not “ price-fixing by the government. ” He stated that by artificially suppressing interest rates, the Fed “ really screwed up this economy. ”

“ Now we’re going to have to pay a heavy price to unwind those mistakes. That’s why this recession is going to be so severe. Essential this financial crisis is going to be even worse than the one we had within 2008. ”

The Fed has  raised rates in order to fight inflation , but Peter said it’s not enough.

“ That’s still much too lower. That’s an inflationary highly stimulative rate when you have the rate so far below inflation. ”

Philip said that the inflation circumstance is far worse than the  rigged CPI   indicates, with the amount of money the Federal Hold has created over the years, we are likely heading for “ an inflationary depression. ”

Peter said he would not know what it will take for the federal government to do the right thing.

“ The only method to solve the inflation issue is to dramatically cut govt spending and to allow rates of interest to rise to a market level. Now, when that happens, it’s going to terrible as far as asset prices collapsing, failures, bankruptcies. Yet we’re going to have to endure that to get to the other side. If we want an actual economy then we’re going to need to experience a real recession to get there. ”

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