August 18, 2022

Biden Met With 14 of His Son’s Business Associates – Reports

Yet the president still insists he never talked company with Hunter

Despite repeated denials that he ever spoke to his son Seeker about the latter’s overseas business dealings, Fox News documented on Thursday that Leader Joe Biden met with at least 14 of Hunter’s business associates from the US, South america, Ukraine, China and Kazakhstan.

Deserted in a Delaware computer repair center some time before the 2020 election and unearthed by the Nyc Post weeks before the election, Hunter’s laptop contained assumed evidence of numerous foreign offers in which businessmen offered many millions of dollars for introductions to Joe Biden, as well as image proof of Hunter’s drug make use of and dalliances with prostitutes.

“ I have never spoken to a son about his overseas business dealings, ”   Biden insisted in 2019. When last 30 days Britain’s Daily Mail released a 2018 voicemail offering Biden speaking to Hunter in regards to a deal with Chinese oil firm CEFC, the official line remained the same, with White Home Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre saying that   “ what the president said nevertheless stands. ”

Fox News’ latest  report   casts serious doubt on Biden’s denial. According to the information site, Joe Biden met with  Mexican business men   Miguel Aleman Velasco and Miguel Aleman Magnani in 2014, offering the pair a tour of the White House. A year later, Biden reportedly spoke by video with Philippine billionaire Carlos Slim and all three Mexicans – whom Hunter was doing business with or even in negotiations with during the time – visited them at the vice presidential residence in Washington DC.

In a text message found on the laptop computer, Hunter told his company partner, Jeff Cooper, that he  had spoken to his father about the deal involving Slim.

Joe Biden also reportedly met with former Colombian President Andres Pastrana Arango and Eric Schwerin, an additional of Hunter’s business companions, in 2012, before dining along with Arango and Juan Esteban Orduz, a Colombian business person, later that same day.

Files from the laptop show that throughout a single dinner in 2015, Joe Biden met with Hunter’s business associates from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia, which includes an executive from Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian power company that paid Hunter a reported $50, 500 per month from 2014 in order to 2018 to sit on the board. The following day, the particular Burisma executive emailed Seeker, thanking him for  “ giving an opportunity to meet your father. ”

The same professional, Vadim Pozharski, had  contacted   Hunter in 2014 asking for  “ advice on how you could use your influence”   to thwart the government investigation into the corporation, the New York Post documented in 2020.  

At the time of the dinner, Hunter was working on a good oil deal between Burisma and a Chinese energy firm in Kazakhstan, the Everyday Mail reported.  

Among the other contacts who met with Later on Biden there was reportedly Francis Person, a former advisor to the then-vice president who in 2015 lobbied the Biden family on behalf of a Chinese language real estate firm. Person was also running for Congress within South Carolina at the time, with Biden senior traveling to the state to fundraise for him.

Tony Bobulinski, the previous CEO of a joint venture in between Hunter and a Chinese power company, told Fox within 2020 that Joe Biden spoke to his son about this deal and others.

“ I’ve seen Vice President Biden saying he never discussed to Hunter about their business, ”   Bobulinski told Fox that will October.   “ I’ve seen firsthand that that’s not true, because it wasn’t just Hunter’s business, someone said they were putting the Biden family name and its heritage on the line. ”

Some of the information within Fox’ latest report had been made public by other information outlets, while some is new. Republican lawmakers have obtained the contents of the laptop and promised to launch investigations should they retake Congress this particular November. Hunter is also becoming probed by federal prosecutors for alleged tax and foreign lobbying violations. He’s not been charged with a crime.

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