August 16, 2022

Sweden Wants to Allow 16-Year-Olds to Change Their Legal Gender

New approach helps ‘making medical changes’ simpler

The Swedish government offers proposed lowering the age threshold for changing one’s legal gender in the population sign-up from 18 to sixteen.

The suggestion is part of the recommendation to the Legislative Council regarding a new gender identity regulation.

The present gender identity law, launched some 50 years ago, was your first of its kind in the world, and its replacement has long been discussed and requested by LGBT organizations as well as several parliamentary parties.

Social Affairs Minister Lena Hallengren emphasized that the novel method distinguishes between the legal and the medical sphere.

“ It is one thing to alter legal gender, and we associated with assessment in favor of lowering the age limit from 18 in order to 16 years. When we, however, talk about medical sex, which is preceded by gender-affirming remedies and medical interventions, age limit remains, ” Lena Hallengren  told   Swedish Radio.

However , the new approach facilitates producing medical changes easier too. According to the new bill, it will probably be up to the health and medical providers to allow gender-affirming surgery, whereas permits from the National Panel of Health and Welfare will not be required.

“ The question is that healthcare would be to assess which treatment is better. Not politics, ” Hallengren told Swedish Radio.

The novel suggestion has been toned down in comparison to last year’s proposal, where the government wanted to make it possible for children to apply for a new legal sex in the population register beginning with the age of 12.

That proposal has been ultimately withdrawn amid critique.

The Swedish parliament is currently on vacation and wants the Legislative Council to consider a position on the bill only after the general election this coming fall. On social media marketing, the proposal has elevated eyebrows.

“ This is just weird. Like a 16-year-old, you will be allowed to swap out your legal gender but not purchase snuff or cigarettes? Not saying one is better than another, just that it’s weird, ” one user wrote.

Others accused the governing Social Democrats of seducing voters ahead of the coming election.

“ The socialists are buying votes from the alphabet soup. Just before the election, you will see a lot of this to different groups in the next few months. Don’t take up it, ” another consumer said.

Sweden has long been celebrated across the , the burkha for having some of the most liberal LGBT laws. Polls have consistently suggested that an overwhelming most of Swedes (well over 90 percent) are in favor of LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. LGBT ideology has been supported by all main institutions, ranging from the government and the authorities to the church and the military.

After legalizing homosexual exercise in 1944, Sweden grew to become the first country in the world to permit transgender people to change their particular legal gender following reassignment surgery in 1972, simultaneously declassifying transvestism as an illness. Legal gender change without having matching hormone replacement treatment and sex reassignment surgery was allowed in 2013.

However , because the number of adolescents undergoing sex reassignment procedures has chance through the roof across Scandinavia in recent years, doctors have been ringing the alarm bells in regards to a growing number of so-called “ regretters” who, plagued by problems that may have only been temporary, opted for irreversible treatment and they are left badly disfigured plus mentally anguished, sometimes to the point of suicide.

The desire for sex alter has been particularly evident among adolescent girls, with the variety of patients diagnosed with “ gender dysphoria” soaring by over an order of magnitude within a decade.

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