August 9, 2022

Tx Parents Stand Up Against Intimate Content In School Libraries

Far-left education and learning tactics being confronted by worried citizens

Parents of Texas children attending public schools are working together to try and get rid of physically graphic materials available in several school libraries.

Texas Commissioner of Education Mike Morath released a letter to the state’s Republican Governor Greg Abbott on April 11, 2022.

The notice detailed a model policy recommending which materials are unacceptable for Texas schools that might be sent to every school system in the state.

One mother was ignored simply by her children’s school area after asking them to follow the policy several times.

The mother decided to have other parents help the girl compile a list of books available at schools in the district that fit the definition of “ harmful material” as explained by Texas Penal Code § 43. 24(a)(2).

To assist the parents, a list of inappropriate books which may be present in the libraries has been put together and can be looked at here .

She’s asking those who wish to help to add any types of obscene content they may discover to an internet database of book pictures found in area libraries.

The particular model school board plan created by the Texas Education and learning Agency can be seen below:

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