August 18, 2022

View: Pelosi Horrified American Parents Teach Children Gun Basic safety

Pelosi said she was compiling a presentation that would show how a few parents are showing young children methods to ‘use an assault weapon. ‘

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif. ) says it’s “ irresponsible” to get parents to teach their children the right way to properly handle a firearm.

Talking at her weekly information conference ahead of the House election on Assault Weapons Ban legislation Friday, Pelosi mentioned she was compiling a presentation that would show how some parents are showing young kids, “ toddlers” she claimed, how to “ use an attack weapon. ”

“ When I discuss it on the floor this afternoon I am just gonna show a presentation of what some completely irresponsible people are putting out there about little children, toddlers, learning how to use an assault weapon, ” Pelosi said, adding, “ smaller assault weapons, yet a gun like mommy plus daddy, smaller assault weapons, but getting their muscle tissue ready to be able to use it. Is the fact that sick? ”

It’s unclear what articles Pelosi is referring to; nevertheless , the prospect of a parent training their child proper firearm protection does not seem “ irresponsible. ”

According to NY1 , “ The calculate would make it illegal for anyone to ‘ import, market, manufacture, or transfer’ semiautomatic rifles that have military features and can accept a removable magazine or have a fixed publication that holds 10 or more rounds of ammunition. ”

“ The particular bill would not ban the sale, transfer or ownership of assault weapons or even large-capacity ammunition feeding products legally owned on the time the law would take effect. ”

Watch Pelosi’s full Friday push conference below (pertinent area at 50: 29 ):

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