August 16, 2022

Maher: Biden Like A ‘Grandpa’ Who ‘Just Goes Along’ with ‘AOC and the Woke People’

Top generous admits cognitively-frail Biden simply a puppet of the far-left.

HBO late night sponsor Bill Maher said that May well Biden’s handling of the revolutionary left reminds him of a “ grandpa” who “ just goes along” with whatever his grandchildren really want even though “ he won’t really understand it. ”

Maher made the remarks on “ Real Time” Fri while discussing the possibility of a third party that “ would pressure the Democrats to go back in order to being the sensible middle party, ” lamenting that Biden “ bends” to the far-left too easily.

“ I mean, Biden reminds me of some grandfather and when AOC as well as the woke people come into his office, he just will go along. He doesn’t actually understand it, ” this individual said.

“ It’s like, grandpa, can we have money to go perform Fortnite? And he’s like, yeah, just take it. I actually don’t know what Fortnite can be. I don’t know what TikTok is, just get out of the hair, ” he added.

Maher’s comments come as Biden’s approval rating strike a new record-low as second quarter GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT numbers reveal the U. S. has officially created a recession, largely thanks to Biden adopting the far-left’s war on energy .

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