August 9, 2022

‘We ARE in a recession! ’ Home Depot co-founder phone calls out Biden’s gaslighting

Insists US economy has moved into downturn and says leader is to blame for inflation

Home Depot’s co-founder provides blasted  Joe Biden’s claim that the US isn’t in a recession, says the economy is certainly going down – and additional that the president’s economic plans were to blame for rocketing  inflation.    

Ken Langone appeared on Fox’s ‘ Your World with Neil Cavuto’ Friday, and stated: ‘ Here’s where we are. And by the way, I don’t care how you want to define it.  

‘ We can agree to one thing. The economy is receding. That it is going down. Now, you want to call it up a recession or not – play with the words.  

‘ But the fact of the matter is certainly, the economy is going down. Every place I’m looking, I am seeing signs of pullback. … This is serious stuff. And are in a recession. ‘

Langone stated President Biden was a supply of the ‘ pullback, ‘ and blasted his focus on green energy policies, which usually he says have ended the power independence the US achieved below Donald Trump, sending the particular White House back into the particular arms of oil-rich Saudi Arabia.  

‘ In many respects, it was caused by the policies of the [Biden] management, ‘ he said. ‘ Today, the president goes over with his hat in his hands to Saudi Arabia and begs them to turn the pipes up. ‘

Langone, who lives in New York, helped co-found House Depot in 1974 and it is a well-known donor of the Republican Party.  

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