August 18, 2022

Pelosi’s Asia Itinerary Makes Simply no Mention of Visit to Taiwan

It seems Democrat House Speaker provides backed down in the face of incendiary threats of retaliation over Taiwan visit by China’s military.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to have supported down from  her provocative “ legacy-building” plan to visit Taiwan   after China launched live-fire drills off their coastline and threatened war.

From  Bloomberg, “ Pelosi’s Asia Schedule Skips Mention of Taiwan Stopover” :

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit Asian countries including Singapore and Japan in her trip to the region, according to a statement from her office that skipped any mention of a possible stopover in Taiwan.

Pelosi will lead the congressional delegation that will furthermore visit Malaysia and Southern Korea, according to a declaration on Sunday. The trip will focus on mutual safety, economic partnership and democratic governance in the Indo-Pacific area, it said.

Reports that the girl travel would include a remain in Taiwan had sparked a furious reaction in China and taiwan, which regards the self-governing island as part of its territory. Beijing has warned you will have consequences if Pelosi visits, including a defense ministry statement that implied China might use military power in response.

Back in April, Pelosi endangered to go to Taiwan but terminated after claiming she tested positive for covid. It appears she has canceled her trip again.

A lot for her “ legacy! ”

Chinese Army May Impose No-Fly Zone Over Taiwan Before Pelosi Visit

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