August 16, 2022

‘Alex’s War’ – Epic Hollywood Premiere After Party

The hit documentary is constantly on the bring like-minded people together across America

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He Baker went to the The show biz industry premiere of the new documentary film “ Alex’s Battle, ” which took place in a small independent-owned movie theater called “ Cinalounge. ”

“ The movie was fabulous, ” Baker wrote. “ I literally laughed, We cried, and after the film I met some amazing people, including Alison Stienberg. ”

Baker interviewed a broad demographic plus was shocked by the “ diversity” of the crowd.

Following the showing, Baker and friends ended up getting invited to a surreal after party at an art wearhouse.

Musician Ariel Pink, who created the score for the movie, carried out in front of a live audience.

He actually let Baker introduce your pet on stage “ as Alex Jones, ” bullhorn and all.

Baker described, “ It was wild. Indeed, there was an illuminati ‘ like’ symbol behind the particular stage, but it was performed ironically and the vibes were very chill.

“ There were so many people that you simply would not expect at an Alex Jones after-party – it truly blew my thoughts, ” he added.

This is a great example of the power of the people and exactly how Infowars can bring together like-minded individuals around the world.

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