August 19, 2022

Biden Did Not Leave Jill upon Podium to Chase Ice Cream Truck: Reuters Fact-Checks Hilarious Year-Old Meme

Most anyone who views the meme can see it’s obvious ice cream truck music was superimposed over the video for comedic effect.

May well Biden did not leave their wife’s podium speech in order to chase down an your favorite ice cream truck, Reuters’ intrepid fact-check team has concluded.

In a amazing “ fact examine ” published Sunday, the Reuters news support reassured readers that video clip of Biden wandering away from stage to the sound of the ice cream truck jingle has been digitally altered.

Actual paragraph by Reuters :

Social media users are sharing a video of Oughout. S. President Joe Biden walking away momentarily throughout a speech given by U. S i9000. First Lady Jill Biden and claiming that he had been distracted by an your favorite ice cream truck. The video being distributed, however , has been digitally modified to include music usually played by an ice cream truck.

Here are a few examples of the harmful meme sowing harmful false information:

The meme is apparently being recirculated, despite the speaking event in a Washington DC middle college transpiring nearly one year ago.

The fact that ice cream truck music was superimposed over the clip for comedy effect is obvious plus apparent to most anyone who sights the meme, and plays off a popular trope exactly where senile Biden values eating ice cream more than properly operating the country.

Thus, Reuters’ fact check goes to show how the establishment is growing increasingly troubled by any and all criticism from the installed puppet president to the stage that it must tamp down jokes and obvious memes.

As you Twitter user pointed out, nevertheless , Reuters did not venture to explain the real reason Biden strolled away from the podium while his wife spoke:

Meanwhile, another Tweets user highlighted how Biden awkwardly rubbed the shoulder blades of a teen standing left of Jill.

Below is the full video for finish context:

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