August 9, 2022

‘Dear Lord, What Circle of Hell is This? ’ – Video Shows NYC Church Holding Drag Show

Video catches sacrilegious LGBTQ event held at Episcopalian church in downtown Manhattan.

A New York City high school has come fire after having a drag event at a local episcopal church.

Footage of the Apr 27 event which happened in downtown Manhattan surfaced last week, featuring Grace Church High School students inside the historic Grace Church as a drag princess or queen named “ Brita Filter” (AKA Jesse Havea) gayly paraded down the aisle as though it was a fashion catwalk.

“ Dear Lord, which group of Dante’s inferno are these claims? This meant to be the house associated with God but… ” one gobsmacked Twitter user captioned video of the event.

The incident apparently caught some Grace Chapel students unaware, as one anonymous attendee told the Post Millennial .

“ There was tons of social pressure to dance along and pretend like it was normal for sure, ” the unidentified student said, adding, “ whether it be people tapping on shoulder blades and telling them to stand or just a collective staring contest at whoever wasn’t totally participating. ”

The student carried on: “ I wondered, is really happening in a church? ” and said there was clearly “ tons of social pressure to dance along and pretend that this was regular for church. ”

“ Immediately on entering there was a person providing stickers with Pride red flags on them, un-ironically saying ‘ take one or you’re homophobic, ‘” the student added.

“ One student reported that since the performer approached the church, he was joined by more dancing students, a number of them ‘ twerking, ‘” the Post Millennial reported.

The event, which happened to run long, was reportedly “ mandatory for all students in grades 9-12, ” according to the Post Millennial.

After a rendition of “ Somewhere Over the Rainbow, ” Brita Filter reportedly discussed his nationality and pansexuality, all the while repeatedly saying he or she was “ fabulous and talented and beautiful, ” noted one student.

A transgender teacher, Uyen Nguyen, also used the event as an opportunity to declare their resignation for allegedly being repeatedly “ misgendered” by school staff.

The church also evidently marketed the event on the website.

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