August 9, 2022

Trans Cheerleader Faces Assault Fees for Choking Out Feminine Teammate Who Called Your pet “Man With a Penis”

25-year-old trans cheerleader reportedly flew into unhinged rage and allegedly ‘put hands on’ 17-year-old teammate after being correctly gendered.

A transgender cheerleader within Texas has been charged with criminal assault after he allegedly choked a female teammate who mocked him being a “ man with a male organ. ”

The Daily Mail reports :

Averie  Chanel   Medlock, 25, was booted from the Ranger College cheerleading camp in Texas, and given a criminal strike by physical contact citation last week. She is accused of choking a 17 year-old teammate, only identified simply by her first name, Karleigh, who she claimed produced transphobic remarks toward her.  

Medlock reportedly flew into an unhinged trend last week after he has been correctly identified as a male, prompting Karleigh and associates of the cheer team to hide in a locker room as he confronted them from at the rear of the closed door.

Footage filmed from the cheerleaders who locked them selves in the locker room shows the moments Medlock attempted to coax the team into opening the door. By this point the alleged assault had currently taken place.

The particular footage features Medlock quarrelling with the cheer team through the closed door, telling them, “ If anyone has a issue, come address it to a face like an adult, ” saying she was just joking, claiming, “ I barely touched Karleigh, ” and telling one young lady to “ come outdoors then. ”

“ You’re a man, ” an unidentified girl responds, with another saying, “ You have a penis, ” that Medlock replies, “ I am not a man, I’m a girl, ” while also informing them to “ Watch your back again. ”

The girls told local media Karleigh did not take the incident as being a joke and noted “ she was terrified. ”

Medlock described his version of events on Facebook citing it as evidence he did not assault the girls as documented, and claiming the Karleigh’s father hurled racial insults at him.

“ Well guys I’m formally retired as a cheerleader as of last night at 5: 30 AM, ” he had written on Facebook last week, based on the Daily Mail. “ A lady on the team was being really disrespectful and told me We are a MAN with a PENIS which [guys] must not be on the team. ”

Karleigh’s father, Mike Jones, also took to Facebook to explain he received an incredibly distressing call from his daughter at 1: 30AM saying she was hiding in the locker room.

“ I ask a person what you would have done when receiving a phone call at 1 o’clock in the morning from your daughter saying they had locked themselves within the room with other girls, following this person said You want to battle, and proceeded to put their own hands around my daughters neck, ” Jones had written, calling on police and Ranger College to release more video of the incident.

In an interview with KTAB/KRBC last week, Medlock claimed the citation by police was for a verbal assault, nevertheless , records reviewed by the station showed there were two citations issued, one misdemeanor just for “ assault by actual contact, ” and another for “ unwanted touching. ”

Medlock was reportedly booted from the Ranger College program after police issued the citations following about an hour of selection interviews with witnesses.

According to KTAB/KRBC, the male cheerleader re-classified his gender as female and legally changed his name in Travis County in order to participate in Ranger College’s cheer program.

In a statement, Ranger College said it “ takes all allegations of the nature seriously and is devoted to providing a learning environment free from discrimination.   At this time, Ranger College is following all applicable Title IX rules and Board Policies. ”

Title IX refers to the federal law that “ prohibits discrimination based on sex in  education  programs and activities that receive federal funds, ” according to the Texas Association of School Boards.

In other transgender news, it was exposed Monday the man who planned to assassinate Supreme Courtroom Justice Brett Kavanaugh identified as transgender female named “ Sophie. ”

This news also comes as former The hawaiian islands congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D) slammed the Biden administration Sunday for promoting “ dangerous” puberty-blocking hormones on “ transgender” children.

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