August 19, 2022

ALL OF US Military Ran Hypersonic Missile Strike Drills In Main Cities Ahead Of Pelosi Taiwan Visit

America preparing for war with The far east?

Big t he U. Ersus. military ran drills last weekend training for simulated hypersonic missile attacks in 3 major cities.

According to Military Times , hundreds of military members and local, state and federal emergency workers took part in the exercise, which hypothesized missile strikes in Nyc, Chicago and Philadelphia.

The simulation involved an answer to a missile strike that “ collapsed Lincoln Financial Field structures” in Philadelphia “ and derailed a train at the CSX railyard, which triggered a chlorine leak that’s spreading quick. ”

The particular drill scenario, which the Pentagon calls “ America’s worst day, ” included “ unknown contaminants” being spread throughout the metropolitan cities pursuing the attacks.

Michigan Army National Guard people and others involved were furnished with “ nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological detection and decontamination” gear.

Around 150 individuals who had taken part in the event were given artificial wounds and displayed artificial symptoms from the simulated assault so responders could exercise their techniques and tactics.

(Capt. Joe Legros/Army)

As Army Times documented, “ the scenario might have seemed too real designed for comfort, ” for the “ thousands of Philadelphians who noticed military helicopters flying reduced through the city and watercraft speeding along the Delaware Lake. ”

“ This is an opportunity to train firsthand with some of the best first responders in the world who do this day time in and day out, ” Army National Guard Col. Chris McKinney, TF 46 Chief of Staff mentioned.

State Guards from Alabama, California, Nyc, Indiana, Louisiana, Montana, Nj-new jersey, Pennsylvania and Tennessee participated in the event.

U. S. Army North, the particular Army Reserve and the Coastline Guard were also involved.

The Guard members responded to “ strike zones” and simulated Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear  (CBRN) Detection by testing materials and role participant victims.

City subways had been used to test communications equipment underground and to simulate the search-and-rescue effort while others prepared landing zones and set upward victim evacuations.

Civilian groups worked alongside the Guard soldiers after the initial response, operating mass decontamination sites.

Others taking part in the drill “ worked in mock rubble to rescue caught role players as they would in major building collapses from such a missile assault. ”

The particular simulation took place just times ahead of Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (Calif. ) controversial trip to Taiwan Wednesday.

Leading up to the particular visit, China released video of a hypersonic missile test, which many saw like a message to the congresswoman.

One day before her arrival, The far east posted another military movie.

Time will tell how China reacts to Pelosi’s check out, but global tensions are usually certainly running high.

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