August 19, 2022

CNN, CNBC & AP Agency Chiefs Met With Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Team In July

Communist group’s goal would be to ‘malignly influence’ American national politics and ‘influence foreign governments, ‘ according to the U. S.

The blockbuster report published by The National Pulse journalist Natalie Winters on Wednesday exposed a shady meeting between several mainstream media outlet heads and a Chinese language Communist Party-affiliated organization.

On Come july 1st 26, the Chinese Householder’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) held a discussion in Beijing, The far east where representatives of the Associated Press , CNN and CNBC had been present.

According to a 2018 research statement issued with the U. S. government’s Cina Economic and Security Evaluation Commission , the goal of the CPAFFC is to “ malignly influence” American politics in support of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The particular CPAFFC is also part of China’s “ United Front, ” which is a government operation investing at least $1. 4 billion dollars annually on spreading Beijing’s agenda at home and abroad.

The 2018 federal report from the Oughout. S. government also stated China’s United Front was created “ to co-opt plus neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and specialist of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and to “ impact foreign governments to take activities or adopt positions encouraging of Beijing’s preferred plans. ”

In 2020 , United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared the CPAFFC “ sought to directly and malignly influence” state and local leaders in the us to promote the communist party’s global agenda.

“ CPAFFC’s actions have undermined the Governors Forum’s original well-intentioned purpose, ” Pompeo’s statement said.

A CPAFFC press release published on Saturday reported that will “ Greater China News Department of the Associated Press ( AP ) Director Jiang Xin, the Beijing Bureau Key of CNN , and American Consumers at the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, ” were existing at the meeting in addition to associates of mainstream American press in Beijing such as CNBC .

“ The two edges had a candid and helpful exchange of views on China’s domestic and international policies, China-US relations, non-governmental exchanges between the two nations and issues of common concern, which enhanced mutual understanding and friendship, ” the press release stated.

A message issued with the CPAFFC president claimed America largely views China through an “ outdated perspective” and sees the communist nation as a “ main competitor, ” urging this sentiment to change.

“ In today’s era associated with political multi-polarization, economic globalization, and democratization of worldwide relations, the United States still views China from the outdated perspective of ‘ you lose, all of us win, and either friend or enemy is an enemy’. Positioning China as a major competitor will inevitably result in strategic misunderstandings, misjudgment plus misleading public opinion, ” the group’s president stated.

China’s achieve into American politics, economics, foreign affairs and other aspects of life are being exposed a lot more every day, but the true level has likely yet to be unearthed.

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