August 9, 2022

Nederlander Stockpiling Firewood for Winter Amid Rising Energy Prices – Reports

Meanwhile, government believes Dutch trees unsuitable in order to burn because “logs discharge carbon dioxide”

Individuals in the Netherlands are stocking up on firewood to high temperature their homes during winter among growing energy prices, Nederlander media reported on Sunday.

The cost of firewood in the Netherlands is on the rise as well as against the background of crowd-buying, the Volkskrant newspaper reported, adding which the cost of firewood increased simply by 50 euros ($51) in contrast to last year.

One of the Dutch firewood suppliers, Brian Wunderink, fears that he might run out of product in mid-summer due to the hype caused by rising gas prices, according to the report. Wunderink noted that usually his clients start to location firewood purchase orders only in September.

Under the new marketing policy of the state government organization to get forestry, Staatsbosbeheer, Dutch trees are not suitable for firewood as the logs release carbon dioxide whenever burned. The situation in Ukraine has also created difficulties intended for firewood supplies, as industry restrictions and sanctions prohibit deliveries from Eastern European countries in particular.

The Netherlands reportedly has the second-highest gas price among European countries right after Sweden. Dutch residents pay out 0. 2 euro per kilowatt-hour or 2 . 25 euro per cubic meter of gas.

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