August 19, 2022

Anti-Trump Michigan GOP Rep. Philip Meijer LOSES re-election

Republican who voted to impeach ex-president is defeated simply by MAGA-backed John Gibbs

Michigan Rep. Peter Meijer, one of 10 House  Republicans  who voted to impeach  Donald Trump  over the US  Capitol  attack, lost in one of Tuesday’s most closely-watched primary races against the Trump-backed candidate.  

The grocery store chain heir and army veteran formally conceded the race to  John Gibbs after midnight in the competition for  Michigan’s Third Congressional District.  

Meijer is one of three House Republicans who the very best to impeach  Trump  whom saw the end of their political careers on Wednesday evening, as Republican primary voters in  Arizona,   Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington went to the forms.

Reps. Jaime Herrera Beutler and Serta Newhouse of Washington are also tough challenges from Trump-backed primary opponents.

As of midnight on the East Coast upon Wednesday, Beutler and Newhouse hold modest leads over their Trump-backed opponents.    

Michigan’s newly-redrawn Congressional map lately made Meijer’s district bluer, creating a target for House  Democrats  hoping to flip it – in an otherwise gloomy forecast for their chances of maintaining the majority in November.

Their campaign adjustable rate mortgage, the Democratic Congressional Strategy Committee (DCCC), poured money into Gibbs’ campaign inside a last-minute push to get the fringe candidate over the edge.

A former official in Trump’s Housing and Urban Growth Department, Gibbs is also reputed for once pushing a crazy conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign supervisor John Podesta engaged in satanic rituals using bodily fluids.

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