August 19, 2022

Steve Bannon Launches ‘New Financial System’ For ‘Patriots’ Among Bans By Payment Processors & Govts

“The FJB blockchain project provides security and ownership of data simply by administering the mechanisms of a trustless, transparent, and decentralized system for Patriots and individuals from a varied ideological spectrum across the world, ” website declares.

Former White House Strategist Sam Bannon launched a decentralized “ blockchain-focused” financial system intended for conservatives in response to bans simply by payment processors and government authorities.

The particular Freedom Work opportunities Business (FJB) project seeks to establish a “ trustless, transparent, and decentralized system for Patriots and people from a varied ideological spectrum across the world. ”

“ We believe that the particular decentralization of our economic plus legacy financial systems is crucial to the future of our country. The FJB blockchain project will provide a sovereign-grade, immutable ledger with open, non-discriminatory participation that is permissionless plus censorship-resistant, ” the project’s website states.

The project uses a medium dubbed the particular FJB Coin to facilitate transactions across its P2P (peer-to-peer) and B2B (business-to-business) network.

The project was first announced keep away from 2021 in response to the Canadian government targeting Freedom Convoy participants’ bank accounts and crowdfunding platforms closing down conservative initiatives .

Bitcoin uniform Erik Finman, who became a member of the project earlier this year, called the Freedom Jobs Business business a “ conservative alternative to Coinbase. ”

“ This is a crucial time not just for the Freedom Work Business Organization, but for anyone who cares about independence and economic opportunity, ” Finman said in a statement. “ We’ve seen far too many good, honest Americans silenced for fear of losing their access to the traditional financial system. Big Tech cannot be allowed to maintain a stranglehold on The united states. This is a real conservative replacement for Coinbase. This marks the moment we build a new financial system, and the moment we take the muzzle off everyday Us citizens. ”

The decentralized FJB blockchain project also comes amid propositions by the Government Reserve and other central banks to implement their own highly centralized blockchain system, known as the Central Bank Digital Foreign currency , in the face of BRICS countries challenging the hegemony from the dollar as the world hold currency.

The particular FJB app is now available for download on IOS and Android.

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