August 9, 2022

Tweets Allows Former UK MEGAPIXEL to Doxx Journalist Within Ukraine, Putting Her Lifetime In Danger

The social media platform Twitter is exposing its bias

A tumblr who used to serve as a British Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) recently doxxed an independent journalist covering the war in Ukraine and essentially required her to be murdered or taken prisoner.

While this message was posted on the social media website Twitter, the company can be refusing to remove the dangerous comment.

On July 29, a Twitter user asked independent journalist Eva K. Bartlett when she was still at the scene in the Donbas region of Ukraine where the girl was revealing attacks on civilians.

Notice Bartlett’s Donbas report below:

In response, Bartlett responded, “ Yes, ” and former UK Conservative MP Louise Mensch answered, “ Hear that @SOF_UKR? ”

Mensch, right now an online blogger, tagged the particular Special Forces of Ukraine Twitter page to inform them Bartlett was in fact still in the area so they could make a change if they wished.

“ Twitter effectively contacted the Ukrainian  Exclusive Operations Forces   to assassinate Canadian journalist  Eva Bartlett , ” writes independent journalist Vanessa Beeley.

When journalist and The Convo Couch host Fiorella Isabel brought Mensch’s tweet to light, Twitter deleted her post, claiming it broken their rules against “ posting media depicting gratuitous gore. ”

Responding to Twitter’s decision to delete Isabel’s tweet, The Convo Couch account inquired Twitter Support why they will didn’t take down the tweet calling for the death associated with Bartlett while censoring the particular tweet calling attention to that fact.

“ Can you explain? ” the account asked. “ We would all like to know. Fiorella’s twitter update was a screenshot of a tweet that’s still up furthermore. ”

Morning Star International Editor Steve Sweeney also asked the Twitter Communications group to respond to the company’s choice to silence Bartlett while refusing to censor Mensch’s tweet.

As Beeley points out, “ This successfully means that while Twitter will suspend accounts for pointing out there the criminality of Traditional western foreign policy, it will recommend the targeting of an self-employed journalist reporting on the murder of civilians with prohibited weapons. ”

Modern Diplomacy author George Eliason, an American who lives in Ukraine, posted a video breaking down the call to assassinate Bartlett.

Eliason explained that the concern goes beyond the reach of Twitter and is actually illegal, potentially falling under the category of terrorism.

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