August 19, 2022

Warner Bros. Decides to Shelve Woke $70 Million ‘Batgirl’ Movie

Film killed after viewers balked during test screenings.

Hollywood film studio Warner Bros. has decided against releasing the latest DC Comics super-hero movie, “ Batgirl, ” despite already spending over $70 million on creation.

Tuesday’s decision to shelve the particular film and not release it at theaters or upon streaming platforms comes as audiences at test screenings were reportedly not receptive from the movie, which cast celebrity Leslie Grace as the Caped Crusader’s female counterpart.

“ Those lab tests were said to be so badly received by moviegoers which the studio decided to cut the losses and run, with regard to the brand’s future, ” the Nyc Post reports based on info from an inside source. “ It’s a DC disaster. ”

“ They think a good unspeakable ‘ Batgirl’ will be irredeemable, ” the insider reportedly stated.

The movie’s star-studded forged included Michael Keaton since Batman, J. K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, and “ Mummy” actor Brendan Fraser as DC amusing book villain Firefly, deciding to kill the movie all the more astonishing.

The Post notes the film didn’t receive a single point out at last month’s Comic-Con global comic book convention, which usually promotes huge upcoming films based on comics.

The film’s shelving also happened after Warner Bros. merged with Discovery plus David Zaslav, famous for killing the short-lived CNN+ streaming service, took over.

Variety reports Zaslav began curing decisions by previous Warner Bros. CEO Jason Kilar, who wanted to focus on liberating films on the streaming assistance HBO Max. When Zaslav took over he reportedly committed to “ releasing first-run feature films in theaters prior to putting them on HBO Max. ”

“ ‘ Batgirl’ found itself on the bad end of that decision, ” Variety reports,   “ evidently neither big enough to feel worthy of a major theatrical release nor small enough in making economic sense in an increasingly cutthroat streaming landscape. ”

While test screenings flopped, the facilities also had to consider ads and promotion of the movie worldwide would likely tack upon another $30 to fifty dollars million to the already $70 million price tag.

Meanwhile, rumors swirl film production company was killed so the facility could claim it being a giant tax write-off.

Nevertheless , there’s another reason the project may have been an abysmal failure: the movie’s insistence upon shoving woke propaganda down audience’s throats.

In January it was uncovered DC would cast trans actor Ivory Aquino since Alysia Yeoh, “ the best friend of the titular super-hero, a. k. a. Barbara Gordon (Leslie Grace), ” Variety reviews .

The throwing decision is believed to be portion of a concerted effort simply by comic book studios in both television and film to be more inclusive to the LGBT community.

Variety explains:

There have been several strides within broadening LGBTQ+ representation within superhero adaptations over the past couple of years, especially on television. The CW series “ Supergirl” included  the first trans superhero on TV   in Dreamer (played by Nicole Maines) as well as the title superhero’s sister, Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh),   came out as a lesbian   on Time of year 2 . The lead character on the CW’s “ Batwoman” has always been a lesbian, regardless of whether played by  Dark red Rose   in Season 1 or  Javicia Leslie   on subsequent seasons. The particular animated DC series “ Harley Quinn” ended the second season with Harley and Poison Ivy  falling in love   and the DC Films adaptation “ Birds associated with Prey” included lesbian law enforcement detective Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez). In 2021, Marvel Studios’ Disney Plus series “ Loki, ” the title character (played simply by Tom Hiddleston)  revealed he is pansexual   and the feature film “ Eternals” included the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s  first same-sex couple , played by Brian Tyree Henry and Haaz Sleiman.

Users on social media also complained the studio “ race swapped” Batgirl, casting the Latina actress to play the character typically seen as white within comic books, yet another nod to the inclusive liberal woke agenda. For instance, actress Alicia Silverstone played Batgirl in 1997’s “ Batman and Robin. ”

The particular film’s cancellation seems to be proving a popular adage: Get woke, go broke.

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