August 16, 2022

Biden Declares Monkeypox Public Health Emergency

“We’re prepared to take our response to the next level in addressing this particular virus. “

Up-date (1440ET) : The Biden administration has officially declared monkeypox a public wellness emergency.

“ I want to make a good announcement today that I is going to be declaring a public health emergency, ” HHS Admin Xavier Becerra said during a Thursday call with reporters.

“ Jooxie is prepared to take our reaction to the next level in addressing this particular virus. ”

“ We urge each American to kick goof pox seriously and to take responsibility and help all of us tackle this virus, ” he continued.

Original article below:

The Biden management is planning to declare a public health emergency over  monkeypox  as soon as Thursday, the  Washington Post   reports, citing ‘ two authorities who spoke on the condition of anonymity’ – probably after Nancy Pelosi loaded up on monkeypox stonks.

The announcement – an effort to ‘ galvanize awareness and unlock additional flexibility and financing to fight the virus’ spread’ – would come from Health and Human Services Admin Xavier Becerra, who is furthermore considering a  2nd declaration  which would allow federal officials to  ‘ expedite medical countermeasures, such as potential treatments and vaccines, without going through full-on federal reviews, ‘   the  Blog post   continues.

The administration’s announcement follows comparable decisions by health authorities in New York, California plus Illinois and global wellness leaders. The World Health Firm on July 23  declared that monkeypox was obviously a public health emergency associated with international concern , its highest-level warning, after confirmed outbreaks in about seventy countries where the virus have not historically spread. -WaPo

According to the report, policymakers have argued over whether to announce the disease a public wellness emergency – which is not surprising considering that the vast majority of transmission happens between gay men, to the point that the World Health Organization  has urged   gay men in order to ‘ temporarily limit their number of sexual partners. ‘

Yet, seems like the Biden admin is  going full throttle on monkeypox into midterms  – with the White-colored House naming longtime FEMA official,   Robert J. Fenton , in order to head up the national reaction to monkeypox earlier this week.

Federal authorities have identified 1 . 6 million people as ‘ highest risk’ for monkeypox , however the US provides only received enough doses of Bavarian Nordic’s Jynneos vaccine – the only FDA-approved shot to protect against the pathogen – for around 550, 500 people.

More than 6, 600 cases of monkeypox have been verified in the United States since May 18 with the vast majority occurring among men who have sex with men — a total which has doubled about every 7 days, but which specialists believe is a significant undercount. Officials have also reported a minimum of five cases of monkeypox in children, who are believed to have gotten infected through  household transmission .

While health officials possess stressed that monkeypox poses far fewer risks than coronavirus — with just a handful of deaths globally and none to date in the United States — the virus can lead to fever, inflamed lymph nodes, rash and sometimes painful lesions that can last for weeks and lead to scarring. The virus also is associated with more severe complications in kids, pregnant women and people with defense conditions. -WaPo

Are they going to furthermore institute a “ prevent having gay orgies for just two weeks to stop the spread” policy, given the precedent set during the pandemic that those spreading a virus need to make wide-ranging personal sacrifices for the ‘ greater good’?

Monkeypox, which usually comes from the same family of infections as smallpox, spreads mainly through skin-to-skin close contact – mostly during sexual acts. As the  Blog post   notes, ‘ the virus spreads through other forms of touch and can move outside the gay community, noting a handful of cases in women and children. ‘

According to  Politico , the Biden administration and US public health officials  have developed a ‘ decision memo’ which will govern the particular monkeypox public health emergency .

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