August 19, 2022

‘I Don’t Feel The Pain Associated with Inflation Anymore’ Says Wealthy Fed Chair From Ivory Tower

“I see prices rising but I have enough… I sometimes balk at the price of things, but I don’t find myself in a space exactly where I have to make tradeoffs mainly because I have enough, ” San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly says.

San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly, whom makes $422, 900 per year – and scrambled from dozens of investments last year soon before the Fed finalized stringent new limits on policymakers’ portfolios –   just had her ‘ Nancy Pelosi Ice Cream” moment, dropping a sidewalk-spattering turd from her ivory tower system on the average struggling United states.

During an interview with  Reuters   broadcast live on Twitter spaces, Daly said: “ I can not feel the pain of pumpiing anymore . I see prices rising but I have enough… I sometimes balk on the price of things, but We don’t find myself within a space where I have to create tradeoffs because I have sufficient,   and many Americans have enough . ”

As documented by  BitcoinMagazine ‘ s Dylan LeClair:

Perhaps realizing the particular terrible optics of what she just said,   Daly then expressed sympathy for those who don’t “ have enough. ”

Except, as LeClair further points out, Daly was obviously a huge proponent of “ a sustained period of reasonably above-target inflation” to “ complete the job. ”

Now, with all that said, describe what you think the particular President of the Federal Arrange Bank of San Francisco will be like.

According to splashpad. org,   in case you answered  a former senior high school dropout, an enthusiastic texter, someone with a flair for dressing up hip,   a lesbian podcaster, and a neighbor of the Grand Lake Theatre, you’d be right…

The girl background is in the study of economic equality,   and she wants to make it clear that her success story really should not be an exception, but the rule.

‘ Economic Equality’ for you, but not for me?

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