August 7, 2022

Spanish Law Enforcers Warn ‘Energy Saving Measures’ May Ignite Crime Surge – Report

Measures include limits on air conditioning usage, bans upon lighting shop windows during the night

Spanish law enforcement officials plus politicians warn that trimming lighting in store windows and public buildings, one of the actions in the energy saving plan lately proposed by the government, might result in higher levels of criminal offense, Spanish daily Razon reported on Thursday.

On Monday, the Spanish government approved an idea designed to help  reduce energy consumption   in the country. The plan introduces some restrictions on using energy-intensive appliances in public places, such as limiting the minimum temperature of air conditioners at 27 degrees Celsius (80. 6 levels Fahrenheit).

Other measures include a prohibit on lighting in store home windows past 10 p. meters. local time (20: 00 GMT) and mandatory automatic door closers.

Madrid’s regional head, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, warned that some of the proposed energy saving steps may pose a “ security problem, ” the newspaper reported. Another public, the social policies planner of the conservative People’s Party Marta Gonzalez, echoed this particular sentiment, saying that  pulling the plug on shop window lighting plus outdoor lighting   of public buildings could put women at risk.

According to the newspaper, this particular view was also supported by sources in Spanish law enforcement agencies, who confirmed that will turning off shop windows at 10 p. m. might threaten public security.

“ It is simpler for criminals to make crimes [in the absence of illumination], ” the sources were quoted as saying by the newspaper.

Although the streetlights will still work, the proposed energy saving measures allows criminals to act more clandestinely as the illuminated storefronts enhance the lighting on a few streets, the sources told Razon.

Given that 2021, energy prices in Europe have been growing included in a global trend. After the beginning of Russia’s operation within Ukraine and the adoption associated with several packages of sanctions against Moscow in the West,   fuel prices are growing exponentially , pressing many European governments to resort to contingency actions and the European Union to lobby a collective cut within consumption.

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