August 9, 2022

Beijing Cancels Meeting Between Chinese, US Defense Officials – Foreign Ministry

Relations between U. S., The far east have taken turn for worse following Pelosi visit to Taiwan

Relations between the United States and China took a turn for that worse after a delegation people congressional Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan previously this week.

Beijing has cancelled a gathering between Chinese and US defense officials following ALL OF US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan.

Chinese Foreign Ministry announced that Beijing has made a decision to cancel bilateral working meetings between US and Chinese defense officials and stop cooperation between the two countries on maritime safety.

The Foreign Ministry also said that China briefly suspends cooperation with the United States on issues such as repatriation of illegal migrants, judicial assistance, transnational crime, plus climate change.

On August 2, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on a trip she claimed shows the US’ unwavering commitment to the island, as Reuters put it.

Pelosi’s visit, nevertheless , was met with outrage from China, as Beijing regards the island being an inalienable part of the country.

On August four, shortly after Pelosi’s departure from the island, China launched reside fire drills in several places around Taiwan.

The United States officially supports Mainland China’s claim to the island.

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