August 19, 2022

Bombshell: Texas National Guard Obstructing Media From Filming Illegals Entering US to Protect Their particular Privacy

The Texas National Guard is preventing journalists from documenting the on-going border invasion under the guise of protecting the privacy of illegal migrants, based on investigative reporter Tayler Hansen. Hansen just returned from the trip to both sides of the Rio Grande, which he admits that migrants from all sides of the globe are traversing “ nonstop. ” “ The first […]#@@#@!!

The Texas Nationwide Guard is preventing media from documenting the continuous border invasion under the guise of protecting the personal privacy of illegal migrants, according to investigative reporter Tayler Hansen.

Hansen just returned from a trip to both sides of the Rio Considerável , which he says migrants from all corners from the globe are crossing “ nonstop. ”

“ The very first day I was out there, I was simply getting videos of the migrant workers being processed, and a common reoccurrence that I saw which i found really weird was the National Guard continued to their vans and Humvees in front of the migrants whenever press would show up to kind of shield them, ” Hansen told BorderHawk. news in a recent bombshell interview .

“ They will told us that we were on private property, even though it was public property. They will tried to restrict access to the particular press over and over again. ”

“ We ended up confronting all of them and saying, ‘ Hey, what’s going on? Why are you accomplishing this? You’re limiting freedom from the press, ‘” Hansen explained. “ Their excuse has been, if one migrant is uncomfortable on camera, then they have to legally block every one of them. ”

Hansen says he was held for hours by Customs and Border Protection when he reentered the particular U. S. after becoming flagged on a terror watchlist due to his reporting in the Capitol in Washington D. C. on January six.

“ It is harder for me to get into my own country than it is for an illegal immigrant, ” Hansen said.

Meanwhile, actual terrorists are getting into the U. S. undetected, he warned.

“ It is an invasion. There’s no various other way to put it, ” Hansen said.  

“ This really is 100 percent intentional. This is the decrease of America. ”

Watch the full interview:

BorderHawk. news also discussed the Biden Border Crisis with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), political activist Alex Stein, and journalist Jack port Posobiec.

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