August 19, 2022

Sandy Hook Lawyer To Alex Jones Jury: ‘Take Him Out’

‘I ask that will with your verdict you not just take Alex Jones’ system away, you make certain he will not rebuild the platform, ‘ an attorney said.

During Friday’s court hearing regarding Alex Jones’ coverage of the Sandy Hook school shooting, an attorney representing the family of Jesse Lewis told the court throwing the book in Jones was their chance to “ take him out. ”

The attorney says it is important isn’t to just shut down Infowars , yet to make sure Alex Jones aint able to rebuild his media empire.

As Business Insider reported , “ A lawyer representing two Sandy Hook parents told the jury in Alex Jones’ trial to ‘ Take him out. ‘”

“ Take him out of this discourse of this misinformation, of this peddling of lies and make sure he can’t do it again, ” said attorney Wesley Ball.

“ I inquire that with your verdict happened only take Alex Jones’ platform away, you be certain he will not rebuild the platform, ” he added. “ That is punishment. That is prevention. ”

“ I hope we never discover someone like him again… Alex Jones is patient zero for alternative facts, ” the attorney accepted, proving the case is less about the families and more regarding the establishment’s war on free of charge speech.

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