August 19, 2022

Anger From Ukraine’s Backers After Damning Amnesty Report Spotlights ‘Human Shields’

Amnesty International has within a surprise shift placed the human rights scrutiny upon Ukraine in a fresh document released Thursday. It immediately sparked a firestorm associated with criticism as both Traditional western pundits and Kiev authorities themselves blasted the results as “ unfair”.   The Amnesty report  stated investigators had  “ discovered evidence of Ukrainian forces launching strikes from within populated residential areas, […]#@@#@!!

Amnesty International has in a surprise shift placed its individual rights scrutiny on Ukraine in a fresh report launched Thursday. It immediately started a firestorm of criticism as both Western pundits and Kiev officials on their own blasted the findings because “ unfair”.  

The Amnesty report  said researchers had   “ found evidence of Ukrainian forces launching strikes from the inside populated residential areas, and also basing themselves in civilian buildings in 19 towns and villages”   in three war-torn regions of the country from April through July.

The particular report detailed that colleges and hospitals, as well as householder’s homes, were put in harm’s way, suggesting ‘ human shields’ type tactics used by the Ukrainian military.

“ Such tactics violate global humanitarian law and risk civilians, as  they will turn civilian objects directly into military targets . The particular ensuing Russian strikes within populated areas have killed civilians and destroyed civilian infrastructure, ” Amnesty ongoing, saying this resulted in Ruskies attacks on said civilian infrastructure.

The report detailed further that in 22 of twenty nine schools visited by an Amnesty team between Apr and July, investigators discovered evidence of prior military exercise. Additionally , five instances of Ukrainian troops using hospitals since bases were documented. The report went so far as to stress Amnesty was  “ not aware” associated with instances where Ukrainian troops first tried to evacuate civilians   from these locations.

Despite becoming under pressure to refrain from checking out the Ukrainian side and to not criticize it designed for human rights abuses, Secretary General of Amnesty International  Agnè s Callamard said in releasing  the report :

“ In a defensive position  does not exempt the Ukrainian military   from respecting international humanitarian law. ”

Naturally, that therefore respected a premier human being rights organization based in the West condemned these methods of the Ukrainian army led to backlash from Kiev leaders, as well as some Western pundits who went so far as to level the usual  “ Putin-sympathizers! ”   charge…

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba was quick to blast the Amnesty report,   stating , “ I understand that will Amnesty will respond to critique by saying that they criticize both sides of the issue. But such behavior on Amnesty’s part is not about looking for the truth and offering it to the world, yet about creating a false balance between the criminal and his victim. ”

Additional commentators said it was tantamount to “ victim-blaming” …

The Kremlin, meanwhile, stated the report confirms exactly what Russia has been saying for a long time. Spokesperson  Maria Zakharova mentioned,   “ We’ve been referring to this constantly, calling the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces the particular tactics of using civilians as a ‘ human shield’. ”

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