October 6, 2022

Precisely what is ESG? It’s A Leveraging Tool For The Woke Communist Takeover

The corporate dynamic when it comes to politics is rather bizarre the past five years.   The general law for decades in the US was that organizations would avoid public training over political agendas whenever feasible and if they did contribute to election campaigns they would spend money discreetly on candidates in both going to parties to hedge […]#@@#@!!

The corporate dynamic when considering politics has been rather unusual the past five years.  

The normal rule for decades in the US was that companies would avoid world sparring over political agendas whenever possible and if they did lead to election campaigns they would spend money discreetly on candidates in both parties to hedge the bets.   Something evolved around 2015-2016, however.  

Was this the surprise election from Donald Trump?   Overcome was probably incidental.   It was more likely the impressive shift among conservatives away from the controlled Neo-con paradigm and into a more liberty focused standing.   Ron Paul’s 2008 and 2012 efforts had a lot to do with this particular change among Republican voters.   Conservatives and liberty minded independents were returning to their whole foundations of small governing administration, constitutionalism, independent thought, meritocracy and decentralization.   This is how the corporate world decided (or was  perhaps led ) to go total bore leftist.

That is to say, the leftist cult couldn’t stifle typically the rise of conservative freedom advocates without consolidating all their control in the open, and companies are a big part of that will strategy.    

Wall Street, Fun Media and Big Tech corporations donated FAR more to Democrat candidates in recent years compared to His party candidates.   In the 2020 presidential election, they  spent 250% more   on Joe Biden’s campaign than Donald Trump’s.   But beyond that will, many companies have gone aggressively and openly woke.     Social Justice narratives of “ equity, diversity and additionally inclusion” are dominating company culture, and though leftist bias has always been a problem among The movies elitists and the entertainment your data, things got a lot more serious after 2016.

Part of that aggressive leftism could be caused by the ESG movement (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance), an obvious appendage or tool for globalist foundations like the  Ford Foundation , the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum.   It is also referred to as  “ stakeholder capitalism”   and “ goal related investing. ”   Stakeholder capitalism is just an additional term for socialism/communism, not to mention ESG is a related control methodology for dictating exactly how businesses behave politically.    

The term “ ESG” was first originally coined by the  United Nations Environment Program Gumption   in june 2006, but the methodology was not fully applied to the corporate world until the past six years whenever ESG investment skyrocketed.  

There are some people that will argue that ESG is not a true “ communist” mechanism because communism technologically involves the state taking control of this means of production.   These individual are either ignorant or they are really acting deliberately obtuse.   Communism is about controlling society just as much as it is about manipulating the economy.      

Corporations have bottom creations of government; these are chartered by governments, receive special legal advantages which include corporate personhood, and they often times receive special protections because of governments including central mortgage lender stimulus and a shield through civil litigation.   That they call it “ too big in order to fail” because the government along with the corporate world work in conjunction to keep certain institutions existent.  

One could call this an odd mixture of communism and fascism; the thing is,   the system have blurred beyond just about all recognition and the ideology of the testers in power is especially leftist/communist/globalist.   Businesses already have government incentives to shield the corrupt status quo, and yet ESG is designed to lure them all into supporting vocal political electoral alignment even at the cost of normal profits.

ESG is about money;   loans given out by major banks and foundations in order to companies that meet the rules of “ stakeholder capitalism. ”   Companies should show that they are actively following up on a business environment that  prioritizes woke virtues   and climate adjustment restrictions.   These financial loans are not an all prevailing source of income, but ESG loans are quite targeted, they are growing in volume (for now) and they are surprisingly easy to get as long as a company is without a doubt willing to preach the interpersonal justice gospel as fully as possible.

Deloitte’s Insights studies   show that ESG assets compounded at 16% p. a. between 2014 and 2018, now explain 25% of total market assets, and they believe that ESG could account for 50% associated with market share globally by 2024.  

These loans become a way of leverage over the business world – Once they get a taste of the particular easy money they keep rebounding.     Many of the loan targets attached to ESG are rarely enforced and penalty charges are few and far between.   Chiefly, an ESG funded organization must propagandize, that is everything.   They must propagandize all their employees and they must propagandize their customers.   As long as cash, that sweet loan funds keeps flowing.  

It’s adequate to keep corporations addicted, yet not enough to keep them satiated.     Selection hiring quotas based on skin color and sexual orientation in lieu of merit help make the conspirators happy.   Pushing vital race theory smooths the way for more cash.   Carbon dioxide controls and climate improve narratives really makes them glad.   And, promoting trans-trenders and gender fluidity causes them to be ecstatic.   Each partaking company gets it’s personal ESG rating and the additional woke they go, the higher his or her rating climbs and the more cash they can get.

The  list of businesses   heavily part of ESG includes some of the primary in the world, with influence around thousands of smaller businesses.     The ESG ranking system is much like the social credit score scoring system used in communist China to oppress the exact citizenry.     The tactic is pretty logical – Banking elites are generally centralizing control of social narratives by incentivising businesses to be able to embrace social justice not to mention globalist ideals.   These people control who gets the funds and anyone who doesn’t perform ball will be at a specific disadvantage compared to companies that do.    

They figure, if the company world can be pushed going full woke, then this could trickle down to the general public not to mention influence our behaviors and thinking.   Except, this hasn’t exactly worked out doing this.   Resistance to woke promozione is growing exponentially and many of which companies are losing a huge component of their customer base.   They cannot survive on ESG by yourself.                            

The thing is, even ESG money has limits.

With banks around the world now raising rates of interest these kind of loans will become more pricey and will likely start to phase out.   This is why essentially the most woke corporations out there are some of the most desperate for revenues this current year, and why many of these online businesses are edging closer and closer to mass layoffs.     The venture capital is dead and the ESG money will dry up also unless rates go back to zero and the bailout firehose is turned returning on.   Getting woke was once a backdoor tactic of gaining easy variety.   Now, getting woke really does mean going skint.      

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