September 26, 2022

Twitter is continuing to censor scientist involved in anti-censorship legal action

Locked out over Covid comments.

Despite currently being in an anti-censorship lawsuit, scientist Indicate Changizi is still being censored by the platform.

Changizi was locked out of Twitter for 12 hours over a July tweet that included the statement that “ masks are simply one part of the suite associated with useless, draconian, civil legal rights violating and harmful surgery. ”

“ Mark Changizi, my client in a lawsuit against the feds for their involvement in social networking censorship, has been censored for this tweet, ” said Jenin Younes, Changizi’s attorney. “ This is getting out of control. ”

Younes is an lawyer at NCLA that has  joined the legal action   against the govt for its role in colluding with tech platforms to censor Americans.

Drs. Martin Kulldorff, Jayanta Bhattacharya, and Aaron Kheriaty have joined the suit filed by the states associated with Missouri and Louisiana against the Biden administration over censorship of Covid information on social media marketing. The doctors are being symbolized by the National Civil Liberties Association (NCLA).

The doctors claim that they were censored on social media platforms for expressing views that will contradicted the government’s narratives about the pandemic.

Kulldorf, a member of the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Subgroup plus former professor of medication at Harvard, and Bhattacharya, who teaches medicine in Stanford, co-authored the  Great Barrington Declaration , which opposed lockdowns plus vaccine mandates and advocated for a targeted approach to secure people who are vulnerable to the virus. Both doctors faced pushback from lockdown supporters, including some government officials.

Documents that were unearthed recently   demonstrated that the CDC and DHS worked with online platforms to flag COVID-19 “ false information. ” Content contradicting the government’s official position around the pandemic were flagged, suppressed, removed, or slapped with warning labels.

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