October 6, 2022

MSNBC Admits Alex Jones Sandy Hook Lawsuit Sets ‘New Precedent’ – Warns Sibel Is Next

Outlet generally celebrating death of the 1st Amendment

During Monday’s transmission of MSNBC ‘ s “ The Beat Along with Ari Melber, ” the host touched on last week’s Alex Jones Sandy Hook lawsuit verdict that will resulted in a jury providing a $50 million fine against the Infowars founder.

Melber’s portion explained the precedent set by the Jones trial will be used to take out other mass media personalities and outlets countering establishment narratives, which will be the death blow to the 1st Amendment.

“ This is actually a larger warning for other liars and conspiracy theory theorists in our society and our politics, ” the MSNBC host said. “ It’s a rebuke and a abuse that we believe according to plenty of legal experts will established a new precedent. ”

Detailing what the Jones case can mean for others, Melber cited a current $1. 6 million defamation match filed against Fox News by Dominion Voting Techniques.

Next, Melber laughably said he or she was going to interview an expert upon “ lies” before presenting Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn.

The wide-eyed anchor asked Corn what the Alex Jones trial could imply for other outlets and personalities and he answered, “ Right now we see Dominion not just suing Fox . Dominion Voting is suing OAN , it’s suing Newsmax , it’s suing [former NYC mayor] Rudy Giuliani, is actually suing the pillow guy, it’s suing [attorney] Sidney Powell. ”

Moving on as to what he claimed is an even bigger issue, Corn said, “ We’ve seen conspiracism take deep root within the His party Party and the conservative movement over the last five, ten, fifteen years. Alex Jones assisted put it there, he was not the only one who did this. Trump did it with birtherism. ”

“ The whole conspiracy theory market has sort of subsumed the Republican Party and the traditional movement, ” he additional before telling viewers the particular Alex Jones verdict means trouble for other questionable figures.

Finally getting to the big elusive fish the political establishment continues to be trying to hook for years now, Corn said, “ Jesse Trump went out on political election night and claimed there was clearly fraud, claimed… you know the best Lie started immediately with out any evidence, any specifics. ”

The Mother Jones DC Agency Chief also claimed former Trump Attorney General Bill Barr has been subpoenaed in the Dominion case against Fox because he told Trump “ the conspiracy theories regarding Dominion Voting machines is definitely total crap. ”

This sentiment being promoted on mainstream wire news echoes what lawyer Wesley Golf ball admitted during the closing arguments of the Alex Jones Exotic Hook trial last week.

“ We ask that with your judgement you not only take Alex Jones’ platform away, I actually ask that you make certain this individual can’t rebuild the platform. Which is what matters. Take your pet out of this discourse of this misinformation, of this peddling of lies and make sure he aren’t do it again. That is punishment. That is deterrence, ” Ball mentioned.

“ I hope we never see someone like him again… Alex Jones is patient zero for alternative facts, ” the attorney argued, proving the case is less regarding the families and more about the establishment’s war on free speech.

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