October 2, 2022

Must-See! FBI Trump Raid Exposed By Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone & Robert Barnes

Learn the truth about the paramilitary coup

Alex Jones began his Tuesday broadcast by giving his take on Monday night’s FBI raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

“ Anyone that has read a history guide knows most nations end with bureaucratic paramilitary coups, ” the Infowars host said. “ Whether it was Rome or whether it’s unbelievably collapsed Venezuela or Cuba. Or, whether it’s North Korea or communist China or even Nazi Germany. This is the disease that kills great nations and we have it. We have political, cultural, religious cancer ladies and gentlemen. ”

Jones would certainly later be joined by former Trump advisors Steve Bannon and Roger Stone as well as constitutional attorney Robert Barnes to further dive to the blatantly corrupt move with the Biden administration.

During a good epic 40-minute discussion, Bannon echoed a current statement by former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik that Trump’s life is now in danger as the Deep State may resort to lethal violence having frequently failed at taking your pet down politically and judicially.

“ I actually do not think it’s past this administrative state plus their Deep State apparatus to actually try to work on the assassination of President Trump, ” Bannon told Jones. “ I think everything’s on the table, I think his security needs to be at the highest it’s ever been, and honestly I think he ought to, and I think he must have, flown down to Mar-a-Lago this morning and walked out from noon today and mentioned, ‘ Hey, I’m working for President of the United States. Suck on that. ‘”

During the next segment of “ The Alex Jones Show, ” Robert Barnes furthermore encouraged Donald Trump to announce his presidential marketing campaign as soon as possible.

“ The president needs to look at having a Jim Garrison-style exclusive counsel to investigate the Deeply State, ” Barnes informed viewers. “ Trump need to announce now that he’s working and he should start declaring now his intention to clean up the Deep State’s specific plans like these. ”

Roger Stone told Democrats and Deep State loyalists the raid has only galvanized Donald Trump in his commitment to take America back from the globalists and come back it to its constitutional roots.

“ This overreach has backfired badly with the American individuals, ” Stone explained. “ For the first time I’m getting text messages, phone calls and emails through friends of mine that don’t like Donald Trump, who seem to did not vote for him the second time, but now they desire him to be president again because they see the overreach. ”

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