Watch: Biden Confused Waiting for Second Handshake After Forgetting He or she Already Shook Schumer’s Hands

Demented mature moment followed Schumer’s presentation at bill signing Tuesday, further exposing the late septuagenarian’s declining mental health.

With his right hands still extended, Joe Biden looked visibly confused why Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) avoided shaking his hands.

However , just seconds earlier, Biden had been the first person out of 4 to receive a handshake from the Senate majority leader.

The demented senior moment followed Schumer’s speech at the signing of the CHIPS and Science Work Tuesday, further exposing the late septuagenarian’s declining psychological health.

Later on, a coughing fit exposed his ailing physical health as well.

Despite ingesting a large gulp of drinking water, Biden was unable to reduce a nagging cough that caused him to choke up repeatedly throughout their speech.

Scattered often in his remarks, several coughs were so prominent they had to be acknowledged in the White House’s recognized transcript , which furthermore left out many other instances.

The terrible-sounding cough also reared its head during a trip to Kentucky Monday to visit flood victims, where a mask-less Biden was witnessed crudely coughing into his hand.

The cough comes as Biden is reportedly on the mend after being stricken along with Covid-19 for over 7 days, but given his behavior in public perhaps it’s best he stick to his CDC’s advice and wear a mask, exercise safe social distancing, coughing into his elbow plus quarantine for a few days.

Watch the full bill signing ceremony:

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