October 6, 2022

Ashli Babbitt’s Mom: ‘How Are you able to Have Jan. 6 Listening to Without Talking About Ashli Clown? ’

Mother of veteran slain by Capitol police officer on Jan. 6 questions why House Choose Committee won’t interview young one’s killer.

The mother of veteran Ashli Babbitt, who had been gunned down in frosty blood by a Capitol Police officer during the chaos of January. 6, says she’s still seeking justice for the passing away of her daughter and for jailed January 6th political prisoners.

Speaking to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Fla. ) at CPAC over the weekend, Micki Witthoeft criticized the Jan. 6 House Select Panel for failing to reach to be able to her, asking, “ How can you gave a Jan. six hearing without talking about Ashli Babbitt? ”

Witthoeft also questioned the reason why the Committee has not asked for testimony from Capitol officer Lt. Michael Byrd, that fatally shot her child and has been hailed like a “ hero” by the remaining.

“ In case he’s their hero get him on the stand and answer some damn questions. What’s up with Michael Byrd? He’s no hero; yet let’s see at least a suitable investigation, because they say he or she was exonerated after a study; it’s my position there never was an investigation, ” Babbitt’s mother stated.

The distraught mother said she doesn’t really want Ashli’s death to be in vain and wants her young one’s memory to serve as a rallying point for additional patriots.

“ Let’s let her blood stand for something. My girl was a true American patriot. She did four around duty in the Middle East. On her 21st birthday she was almost killed. She was… life-flighted to Germany exactly where they saved her life, but her room has been shredded and she was remaining without the ability to have kids.

“ So she gave her youngsters to this country. She provided her ability to have a family members to this country, and then they will killed her and refused her rendering of respects, so this is an unfair and unjust system, ” she added.

“ My daughter has been an American patriot, know that if you know nothing else. My daughter was obviously a hero. ”

She continued: “ Her life stood for so much; let’s make her loss of life count for something. The stolen election is the crime of the century. My daughter’s at the pinnacle of it. Take a look at make her blood count for something. Let’s create my suffering count just for something, and the suffering of jan 6 defendants which have no hope. ”

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