October 3, 2022

Cina issues a NEW Taiwan intrusion threat

Moment ambassador warns it is ‘ready to make use of ALL necessary means’ in order to retake island while refusing to rule out force : and urging the world in order to ‘use your imagination’

China offers issued its latest threat towards Taiwan by caution it is ready to use ‘ all necessary means’ to seize the disputed tropical isle.

Beijing’s new ambassador to Sydney, Xiao Qian, refused in order to rule out the use of force following a visit last week by high-ranking US politician Nancy Pelosi fuelled further tensions, sparking China’s biggest ever reside fire exercises around the area.

The charge said after six days of the military drills: ‘ We can never rule out the option to use other means. So when essential, when compelled, we are ready to use all necessary means.  

‘ As to what does it mean by “ necessary means? ” You can use your imagination. ‘

Mr Xiao claimed that China continues to be ‘ so patient’ while ‘ waiting for a peaceful reunification’ despite the Communist superpower’s constant sabre-rattling and shows of military strength around the territory.  

He added that ‘ the majority of the people in Taiwan believe they’re Chinese’ plus deserve a say within their future, despite its populace being overwhelmingly against unification.

Separately today,   a powerful statement issued by China’s Taiwan Affairs Office also refused to rule out the use of force, adding: ‘ Never before have we been therefore close to, confident in, and capable of achieving the goal of nationwide rejuvenation. ‘

Since Thursday, China continues to be sending ships and plane across an unofficial barrier between the coasts and missiles over Taipei and into waters surrounding the isle, and navy ships had been active this morning.

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