October 6, 2022

Watch: McEnany Exposes Democrats Implementing ‘Never-Before-Used Statutes’ To Go After Political Opponents

Former Whitened House Press Secretary talks out following FBI raid of Trump resort

Former White House Press Admin Kayleigh McEnany joined “ Hannity” on Fox News Monday night to give her take on the unprecedented F raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in California.

“ What a darkish, dark day for proper rights, which is supposed to be blind yet looks overtly political here, ” McEnany told Fox host Sean Hannity.

She continued, “ The Presidential Records Take action, as Jonathan Turley mentioned, is not used criminally; we haven’t seen this. However look back in time at what the FBI and the DOJ do, let’s say with Paul Manafort where Foreign Agent Registration comes along and his associate Robert Gates. Then it’s used aggressively. ”

The foreign agent registration used to take down Manafort was previously only used to criminally prosecute an individual 7 times in fifty yrs.

“ The Logan Act, I talked about this all the time from the podium, regarding Michael Flynn, ” the former White House press secretary said. “ This was the never-before-used act, never used to successfully prosecute anyone but used as a pretext by the FBI to come in and entrap Michael Flynn right there in the West Wing, right exactly where my office was several years later. ”

McEnany added, “ This is very scary. There is a trend. Never-before-used statutes used in a fashion to go after who? Political enemies, Donald Trump’s nationwide security advisor, Donald Trump’s campaign manager and then the previous president of the United States himself. Wow! They say Banana Republic? I believe it’s an understatement because it really feels like we’re generally there and beyond. ”

Tuesday morning, McEnany co-hosted the Fox News show “ Outnumbered” exactly where she again told audiences the statutes being used to look after Trump, Flynn plus Manafort have either hardly ever or never been used to criminally prosecute Americans.

Do miss Alex Jones providing an emergency broadcast upon learning of the unprecedented raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

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