October 1, 2022

Watch: Russell Brand Says Business Lies Created Need For ‘Alex Jones’ Types

Popular actor stocks his take on the latest Sandy Hook trial

Professional Russell Brand posted the YouTube video Tuesday sharing his view on the recent court decision to fine Infowars founder Alex Jones fifty dollars million in a Sandy Hook-related lawsuit.

Brand started his message by acknowledging he disagreed along with Jones’ retracted remarks about Sandy Hook before observing he agrees with him upon many other subjects.

“ I think as a figure, Alex Jones is more like a shaman or evangelical preacher, ” Brand explained. “ He operates on the periphery of a culture, telling you stuff that sometimes seems mad plus hysterical, but many times – of course I’m not referring to this horrible example close to Sandy Hook – but many times he’s been in front of the curve. ”

Giving Jones credit for admitting his mistakes to the public, Brand name asked, “ When maybe you have seen a powerful politician within the last twenty years come out and move, ‘ We were wrong about this. We told you stuff at the outset of this pandemic because i was being optimistic and we had been quite wrong. We should have said this. I apologize? ‘”

The popular acting professional went on to argue that the popular media’s obsession with lying down to the public and insufficient government transparency have developed the conditions for conspiracy theory theories to thrive.

“ So , Alex Jones, I think, is an example of someone who has emerged because there was a need for Alex Jones, ” he said.

Brand also told his viewers the elite want people to dismiss Alex Jones and not listen to other topics he covers because they expose and challenge the business system.

This individual noted, “ We’re continuously told that the most dangerous conspiracies are the conspiracies that come from individuals online, whether gowns an individual like you or myself or Alex Jones who has a voice and has Infowars and has a degree of energy and influence. Those are the conspiracies we’re supposed to focus on. ”

Ongoing, Brand said, “ But the real conspiracies are obviously the ones that are in the fingers of the powerful, ” plus claimed, “ The most severe conspiracy theories are the ones hidden in plain sight. The attempts to bankrupt ordinary people, to continue to focus power, continual attempts in order to disrupt Democratic process simply by very powerful centralized financial allows. ”

With half a million views in 24 hours, it’s apparent the people of the world would like alternative takes on the Alex Jones Sandy Hook tale they won’t find on the freely biased mainstream networks.

Take a look at a vintage Infowars interview among Alex Jones and Russell Brand below!

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