October 1, 2022

California University Hosts Segregated Orientation

Families of white students prohibited through participating in numerous college allowed programs at UCSD during Fall 2022 welcome 7 days

Families of white students have been prohibited from taking part in numerous college welcome applications at the University of Ca, San Diego (UCSD) during the Drop 2022 welcome week, based on a  Triton Weeks of Welcome   (TWOW) advertisement.

On Sept. 9-11, for example , UCSD is hosting a “ Black, Latinx, plus Native American Family Orientation. ” Later in the week, between Sept. 12-17, the particular university will have a “ Black Surf Week. ”  

On July 26, Christopher Rufo,   Senior Other   at the Manhattan Institute, posted a  tweet   providing his perspective on “ Black Surf Week. ”  

Based on Rufo, these actions are usually clear violations of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which  states , “ All persons shall be eligible for the full and equal enjoyment of the goods [and] services… of anyplace of public accommodation, because defined in this section, without having discrimination or segregation on the floor of race… ”  

“ It seems that Asian families are also prohibited from attending, ” Rufo  tweeted , “ as many universities consider Asians ‘ white adjacent, ‘ ‘ privileged, ‘ plus ‘ over-represented. ‘”

Excluding white families from participating in welcome applications also appears inconsistent with UC San Diego’s  Nondiscrimination Policy Statement .

UCSD “ does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, [or] religion, ” the statement reads.

Relatedly, California Education Code Section 201  states   that “[i]t may be the policy of the State associated with California to afford all people in public schools, regardless of their particular disability, gender, nationality, race or ethnicity [etc.]… equal rights plus opportunities in the educational institutions from the state. ”

In a letter to UC San Diego, the Foundation for Person Rights and Expression (FIRE)  suggested   that the university can meet its goal of fostering the needs of minority learners without barring students of different races.  

FIRE then  called   for the university or college to confirm that no pupil will be excluded on the basis of race.  

Sabrina Conza, a program officer just for FIRE, told  Campus Reform , “ It really is clear that the University of California, San Diego’s alignment program is limited to certain races, which is segregation in its purest form. ”

“ Excluding college students from educational programming based on their race is illegal, regardless of those students’ competition, ” she continued. “ UCSD must immediately open up the program to  all  learners. ”

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