‘Smoldering Powder Keg’ – US Might Explode Due to Biden’s Policies on Immigration, Journalist Warns

‘Elite aware degree of anger among general population of United States is increasing precipitously’

Ever since Democrat Joe Biden became leader, the US has been haunted by levels of illegal immigration that are the highest in decades (along with other “ records” like inflation and disapproval ratings).

Although POTUS has frequently attempted to downplay the issue plus promised to deal with its root cause, the person he put in cost, Vice President Kamala Harris, has seemingly failed to deliver on that promise.

However , it might not have to get the result of the ineptness from the administration or Harris individually (as Democrats’ critics frequently suggest); the White Home and the president may not actually want to end the illegal migration, former US Senate candidate and investigative journalist Indicate Dankof believes.

He points out that some two million illegal immigrants have entered the US considering that Biden took office, as well as the entry rate  reached two hundred and fifty, 000 illegal migrants  per month recently. According to Dankof, this looks like an “ uncontrolled foreign invasion of America”, and he has several reasons to call it such.

Flipping Red Strongholds Blue

With a system that allows illegal migrants to apply for asylum and eventually for citizenship in place, more incoming illegal migrants means more voters in the future. This is the exact thing that the Democrats hope to achieve, in Mark Dankof’s opinion, to completely alter the demographics of the ALL OF US in favor of people voting azure.

By coincidence, the states that immigrants often enter from the the southern part of border are among the key GOP strongholds that assist elect Republican presidents and flip the Congress reddish colored – something that the Democrats hope to change, the investigative journalist says.

“ Turning Texas right into a Democratic Party stronghold with its 38 Electoral votes, plus flipping Florida permanently with its 29 Electoral votes, would certainly go a long way in achieving this objective […] Add Illinois with 20 Electoral votes within the firm clutches of Lori Lightfoot’s Cook County device in Chicago, and the twenty nine Electoral votes of New You are able to, and one sees the negative political machinations behind all this, ” he points out.

Dankof notes that  Biden’s “ reckless border policies”   fit not just his agenda, but also those of his supposed allies. Among them the journalist names Black voters, billionaire George Soros, the “ World Economic Forum cabal, ” as well as the LGBTQ movement. Mentioning these, Dankof recalls a CBS News report claiming that will LGBTQ migrants were exempt from the provisions of the “ Remain in Mexico” policy, which usually mandated asylum applicants to say outside the US while their own request is reviewed, that was scrapped by Biden upon August 9.

Other Biden policies plus actions also correspond to the particular interests of his allies, the former US Senate applicant claims, pointing at the White-colored House tendency to find left-leaning District Attorneys round the country, the support of the Great Reset economic guidelines of the World Economic Community forum, and efforts to “ encircle Russia”, while silencing dissidents at home.

Country on Verge of Domestic Civil War

Among the surge in the amount of unresolved and pressing problems inside the US, Joe Biden’s rating has sunk in order to new lows as the administration struggles to respond to an ever increasing list of new challenges. Nevertheless , POTUS’ low popularity is just one of many problems for the present administration, Dankof claims.

The surge in dollars’ supply that activated “ ominous inflationary developments, ” the national financial debt breaching level of $32 trillion, racially motivated violent criminal offenses across the country and population’s fatigue with endless wars, such as the one that the US fuels within Ukraine, has turned The united states into a “ smoldering powder keg” as its population nearly ready to revolt, the investigative journalist says. He feels that the  continuing rise in illegals  might become the spark that blows it up. ” Massive unlawful immigration deliberately facilitated by Biden, the Democratic Celebration, and George Soros and others, could be the final breaking stage in what I believe to be a pre-revolutionary situation, ” Dankof says.

The polls show that between 33% and fifty percent of Americans fear that a domestic civil war might break out in the near future and that is something that the Biden administration knows about, Dankof says. The investigative journalist also claims that this White House is trying to prevent such a scenario, namely simply by banning the import of the Russian ammunition that armed civilians could use in a revolt, while at the same time buying out US-made ammo via the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

This way the administration can create a shortage of ammunition open to the US citizens who are unsatisfied with what is happening in the country, Dankof believes.

“[The US] elite understands that the level of anger among the general population of the United States will be rising precipitously. Massive unlawful immigration and the fallout from your ill-advised economic war of attrition with Russia may be the spark that causes the exploding market from coast to coast, ” the former ALL OF US Senate candidate says.

The latest attacks against Details Wars are only exposing their particular intention to silence all of alternative media .

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