October 2, 2022

Watch: ‘NPC’ Protester Holding ‘Arrest Trump’ Sign Outside Trump Tower Can’t Say What He’s Done Wrong

Embarrassed demonstrator easily ends interview after screwing up to back up allegations.

A protester outside Trump Tower in New York City called for President Donald Trump’s police arrest, however he couldn’t explain why.

Speaking to a NewsMax media reporter Wednesday, the protester had been among a handful of demonstrators position outside Trump’s iconic hotel holding a giant banner reading through, “ Arrest Trump. ”

“ We don’t know of any other former president that had committed this many provable criminal acts, ” the man informed a reporter who requested if the raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort was unprecedented.

“ Therefore , what are the provable criminal acts? ” the reporter adopted up.

“ Provable criminal acts, ” the man repeated while inhaling and exhaling a huge sigh.

“ Well… I just… I… [clears throat] I’m done talking, ” he said ending the particular interview.

The person was labeled a short-circuiting NPC on social media.

The large professionally-made banner appears to be produced by the group Increase and Resist, a New York-based non-profit organization that states it “ was formed in response to the 2016 Oughout. S. election. ”

Perhaps the man struggled to think of a reason Trump needs to be arrested because he has dedicated no crimes!

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