October 2, 2022

Fauci Booed By Crowds Whilst Throwing First Pitch With Seattle Mariners Game

Anthony Fauci provides few friends, even in Seattle

Anthony Fauci has couple of friends, even in Seattle.  

Keep in mind, Seattle is one of the main strongholds of leftist covid hysteria in the US and floor zero for lockdowns within Washington State which lasted well over a year.  

Most of the country dropped mandates and lockdowns following a few months when it became very clear that covid was  not a threat to 99. 7%   or even more of the population according to dozens of peer reviewed studies.  

But Washington State kept all of them going, primarily because of the panic mongering of government officials like Fauci.  

The fact that Fauci was booed by huge crowds in the middle of Seattle will be surprising.  

However , this implies that resistance to the mandates plus anger over the disinformation encircling covid is far more widespread than the media would have all of us believe.  

Fauci agreed to throw the first pitch at the Seattle Mariners T-Mobile Stadium this week, possibly because he thought he would be safe within the confines of the far-left city.   He was wrong:

Fauci offers generated considerable animosity within the US for his constant exaggerations of the covid virus-like threat and his lies regarding his involvement in covid  gain-of-function research   at the Level 4 virology lab in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the initial outbreak.   The particular NIH has now admitted these were not truthful about their own original claims that no such experimentation occurred and  Fauci has been uncovered .  

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