October 6, 2022

Synthetic Intelligence: A Secular Look At The Digital Antichrist

AI governance is an inevitability according to globalist institutions – They claim that one day Artificial Intelligence will be used to govern whole societies and dole out punishment based on scientifically efficient models. They act as if this is just the natural path of mankind and one we cannot avoid, however in reality it is a self-fulfilling prophesy. It’s not necessarily meant to take place, it is being engineered to occur.

The reason why do globalists have a strong rooted obsession with Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What is it about the fervent quest for an autonomous digitized brain that transmits them into fits of ecstasy? Is it all about what AI can do for them and their agenda, or, can there be also a darker “ occult” element to the concept which is so appealing?

The World Economic Discussion board, an organization dedicated to the globalist  “ Great Reset” agenda , the  Fourth Industrial Revolution   and the  “ Shared Economy, ”   dedicates a sizable portion of every annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland to discussion on AI and the expansion of its influence over daily life.

The United Nations holds extensive policy sessions on AI and has been spending a considerable amount of energy to establish “ ethics rules” for the development and use  of Artificial Intelligence . At the core of the UN’s efforts is the assertion that will only the UN is skilled to dictate and manage AI technologies; for the good of all mankind, of course. AI governance is slated to visit into full effect simply by 2030 according to the UN’s very own white papers (All globalist institutions have set 2030 as the target date for many of their projects).

Another lesser known but significant organization is the  World Government Summit   held every year within Dubai. These summits are usually attended by many national market leaders and representatives as well as corporate CEOs and celebrities. The main subjects of focus at the WGS are usually climate change propaganda, centralization of the worldwide economy, Transhumanism and AI.

Most of the public discussions on AI revolve around good narratives; we are meant to be certain on the many great developments that AI technology will provide. Some of the “ advantages” consist of transhumanist health modifications, pc implants in the body or human brain, and even nanobots which may 1 day be advanced enough to change our very cells. Basically, in order to benefit from AI we should become less human and more machine.

Other supposed benefits require a wide range of new systems (some of them are being built now) that will allow algorithms to monitor every single facet of our lives. Globalists usually refer to these systems as the “ internet of things” – Every appliance you have, the car you drive, every computer, every cell phone, each surveillance camera, every quit light, everything would be central into a single AI network in just a city, and each city would be connected in a great spider’s web to a national AI database.

The web of Things is regularly mentioned in conjunction with climate modify governance and carbon restrictions. The purpose is crystal clear – Governments and corporate elites want the ability to monitor every watt of energy you use everyday. This kind of full spectrum information makes it easier to dictate the decisions and our access to goods and services. They would have complete control of anyone living within  these “ Clever Cities. ”   Your entire life, every 2nd, would be watched and looked at.

But how could this be made achievable? Millions upon millions of people residing day-to-day; that’s a LOT of information to sift through to find anyone not following the rules. This is one of the reasons why the globalists are salivating over AI technologies – It’s the just tool available to collect plus delineate mass data selection in real time.

Already, there are efforts to use AI systems to predict criminal offense before it happens (pre-crime). These experiments are rather overhyped as they don’t really predict specific crimes or even identify specific criminals. Rather, they use statistical analysis to predict which areas of the city certain crimes are likely to occur. You don’t need AI with this, any cop that’s worked in a city long enough can tell you when and where certain offences are most likely to happen.

Hilariously, AI algorithms have got recently been   arrested of “ racial bias”   when it comes to areas they select for predictive crime, because often these types of areas tend to be in predominantly black neighborhoods and the many predicted criminals tend to be young black men. So , the particular computers have been accused associated with racial profiling just as many cops are accused associated with racial profiling.

Just another classic contradiction from the political left: They like the idea of climate change restrictions, transhumanism, and even AI surveillance when it suits them, yet a computer does not care about your feelings and it doesn’t care about interpersonal taboos. It only cares about the numbers.

And this is where we enter the greater dangers inherent in AI. Imagine a world micro-managed by a cold dead protocol that views you as only one of two things: A resource or a danger.

Prediction of pre-crime is nonsense; algorithms monitor habits and styles and human beings tend to break patterns abruptly. People are impacted by crisis events in different methods are impossible to portend. There are far too many variables plus there will never be a program that is able to predict the long run, but that’s not going to end the globalists from aiming to force the issue.

AI governance is an inevitability according to globalist institutions – They claim that one day Synthetic Intelligence will be used to control whole societies and little out punishment based on scientifically efficient models. They act as if this is just the natural path of mankind then one we cannot avoid, but in reality it is a self-fulfilling prophesy. It’s not necessarily meant to happen, it is being engineered to take place.

AI proponents argue that the algorithms can not act with the same prejudice that humans do, consequently , they would be the best possible idol judges of human behavior. Every decision from production to distribution to healthcare in order to schooling to law and order would be managed by AI as a means to achieve supreme “ equity. ”

As noted over, they’ve already run into the road block of statistical probability and the fact that even if AI is left to autonomously make decisions devoid of feelings, millions of people will still notice those decisions as biased. And, in some ways they would become right.

One of the most logical decision is not generally the most moral decision. In addition, an AI is programmed by its creator and can be engineered to make decisions with the creator’s biases in mind. Who gets to program the AI? Who gets to dictate its coding? Global elitists?

And here is where we get to the more “ spiritual” element of the AI issue in relation to the globalists.

A couple yrs back I wrote an article titled   ‘ Luciferianism: A Secular Take a look at A Destructive Globalist Perception System. ‘   My goal in that piece has been to outlined the large quantity of evidence that globalists are in reality a kind of cult of organized psychopaths (people without empathy that take joy within destruction for the sake of personal gain). I concluded that globalists perform indeed have a religion, and their root belief system according to the evidence is Luciferianism.

Yes, I’m sure there will be naysayers out there which will scoff at this notion, but the facts are undeniable. There is a specific occult element to globalism, and Luciferianism pops up regularly as the root philosophy. I think I broke this straight down rather effectively in the article and I won’t rehash all of the evidence here; people are thanks for visiting read it if they desire.

I wrote from a secular standpoint because Luciferianism is an inherently damaging ideology even when viewed outside the lens of Christian perception. Beyond that, there are emotional elements that need to be resolved that Christianity often ignores. Luciferian philosophy is customized for narcissistic and sociopathic people. The root of the cult is about “ special” human beings that are not hindered by the boundaries of conscience, morals or ethics. Lack of empathy is seen as an advantage to progress and the ultimate goal of Luciferianism is godhood – An individual becoming like a god, regardless of whether through being worshiped by others, the power of impact or by technological methods of extending life and capabilities.

But what does this have to do with AI?

I believe that will globalists view AI along with such reverence because they believe it is a new form of life, or an ultimate form of life – A life that they are creating (as gods create life). And, if you think about this symbolically, this new “ life” is actually made in the image of its creators: It has no empathy, no remorse, simply no guilt, no love. For lack of a better word, it is soulless, much like globalist psychopaths are soulless.

If we are to look at AI in religious terms to get a moment – AI is a kind of antithesis to the shape of Christ. Christ signifies an all-knowing form of supreme love and ultimate self sacrifice according to Christian doctrine. I don’t think there is a word for what AI eventually represents. The only term that seems to fit is “ Antichrist”: The all viewing eye. A rulership of the super-intelligence devoid of humanity.

To be clear, I DO NOT believe in end-of-the-world concepts portrayed by those that observe more popular interpretations of Facts. I think the world changes. I think empires rise and drop and this can often be seen as the “ end of the world” when it’s really just the end of an epoch. That said, I actually wholeheartedly believe in the existence of bad; evil being defined as willfully deceitful or destructive actions for purely personal or even organizational benefit, such as killing or enslavement. Evil really does indeed exist and is a good observable element of human existence.

There are also qualities of humanity that lead to good, that prevent us from self destruction whenever we listen to them. Conscience, reason, wisdom and often faith can provide a shield against wicked actions for the majority of us. If we didn’t have these pillars within our psyches we would have got annihilated ourselves long ago. However there are some who do not have conscience, that do not have empathy and so they despise these traits as “ limiting. ”

AI is being created by these kinds of people. And maybe they won’t cause the “ end of the world” in terms we all commonly understand (or within biblical terms), but over time they could take away everything that can make humanity worthy of the world. In ways, this would be an Apocalypse. It might be a living nightmare run simply by psychopathic people using sociopathic artificial intelligence, actively encouraging and enabling the public to abandon their human being bodies to become digital monstrosities and technological chimera.

If successful, it would be the ultimate defilement associated with nature, or of The lord’s design if that is what you believe in. The pursuit of godhood is not worth it for most of us, however for the globalists it is the dream of an age, and they will do ANYTHING to achieve it.

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