October 1, 2022

Tweets Announces Plan to ‘Protect’ Nov Midterm Elections

Far-left Twitter provides declared it will “ protect” the midterm elections with a range of policies designed to control what the company considers “ misinformation, ” and deliver Twitter-curated news to customers. 2020 was the first United states election in which Big Technology companies like Twitter, Fb, and Google had “ election integrity” policies — and they resulted in one of […]#@@#@!!

Far-left Twitter has declared it can “ protect” the midterm elections with a range of plans designed to suppress what the corporation considers “ misinformation, ” and deliver Twitter-curated news to users.

2020 was the 1st American election in which Huge Tech companies like Tweets, Facebook, and Google had “ election integrity” procedures — and they resulted in probably the most consequential stories of that cycle, the  New York Post’s  reporting on Hunter Biden’s corrupt business negotiations, being  suppresse d just weeks before the election.

Twitter was one of the companies that will suppressed that story in the name of fighting “ misinformation” — now it plans to activate similar policies in front of the midterms.

This tracks with what Breitbart Information has predicted, which is that Big Tech companies will do everything they can to prevent the particular widely-predicted Republican sweep in November from taking place.

( BOKHARI: Big Tech’s Blueprint to prevent a Red Wave within 2022 )

Via  Twitter:

The Social Integrity Policy covers the most common types of harmful misleading information regarding elections and civic events, such as: claims about how in order to participate in a civic process like how to vote, deceptive content intended to intimidate or even dissuade people from participating in the election, and misleading claims intended to undermine open public confidence in an election – including false information about the outcome of the election. Tweets with this content may be labeled with links to credible details or helpful context, plus Twitter will not recommend or amplify this content in regions of the product where Twitter can make recommendations. People on Twitter will see a prompt prior to liking or sharing tagged tweets, and in cases high is potential for harm linked to the false or misleading declare, the Tweet may not be loved or shared to prevent the spread of the misleading information.

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