October 2, 2022

Sen. Grassley Demands FBI Director Wray Answer For Mar-a-Lago Raid

FBI director should explain the scope from the investigation that led to the particular raid and why Hillary Clinton didn’t receive similar treatment when her server containing classified material had been discovered in 2016.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) demanded solutions from Federal Bureau associated with Investigation (FBI) Director Captain christopher Wray over Monday’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

Grassley, the particular ranking member of Senate Judiciary Committee, sent a letter Thursday to Wray using a series of questions about the FBI’s unprecedented raid of Trump’s Palm Beach residence.

“ I did not get any satisfactory solutions, ” Grassley said upon “ Fox and Friends” after he revealed he spoke to Wray on Tuesday.

The particular questions are as follows:

  • “ Whenever did you approve the particular raid? When did Lawyer General Garland? ”
  •   “ That which was the predication for the raid? Please provide the predicating records, including the search warrant and supporting affidavit. ”
  • “ What is the range of the investigation that predicated the raid? Is it limited to federal records and classification issues? Please explain. ”
  • “ Did you discuss the search warrant with anyone in the White House before or after its execution? ” – “ If so, what was discussed? ” – “ Did any member of the White House staff or other executive employee, formal, or agent, direct a person in any way to pursue plus execute the search justify? If so, who? ”
  • “ Did you discuss the search bring about with Attorney General Garland or any of his representatives or subordinates at the Division of Justice before or after its execution? If you are, what was discussed? ”
  • “ Has the F employed a team to determine which records fall within the scope of investigation and the ones that fall outside of it? If so, when was that group employed? If not, why not? ”

Grassley also asked Wray about the FBI’s apparent double standard when it came to Hillary Clinton and bureau’s “ kid-gloves treatment relating to her mishandling of highly classified information” in 2016:

As the aforementioned reality pattern illustrates, the Justice Department and FBI engaged in long-running negotiation with Secretary Clinton and her attorneys. The government even allowed non-government attorneys to draft the letters that circumscribed the scope of the document review that would be performed by the FBI. That scope of evaluation significantly limited the FBI’s ability to review all relevant records during Secretary Clinton’s tenure with the Obama-Biden management. Has the Justice Department plus FBI provided the same freedom to former President Trump and his attorneys?

“ As the aforementioned truth pattern illustrates, the FBI, under the Obama-Biden Administration, decided to destroy government records related to Secretary Clinton’s mishandling of highly classified information along with laptops associated with Ms. Generators and Ms. Wilkinson. Those people records were subject to congressional subpoena and related requests. Has the Justice Department and FBI provided the same privilege to former President Trump and his attorneys? If not, really want to?

Grassley requested Wray respond by August 25.

Read Grassley’s notice:

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