October 3, 2022

Ukraine threatens Russian tourists

Kiev warns Ruskies citizens visiting Crimea can face an ‘unpleasantly popular summer break’

The Ukrainian military released a sinister threat against Russian tourists seeking to visit Crimea this summer, insisting the location belongs to Ukraine and suggesting visitors might be murdered by shelling or surroundings strikes.

The Defense Ministry accepted Twitter on Thursday with a post stating that  “ Unless they want a good unpleasantly hot summer split, we advise our highly valued Russian guests not to go to Ukrainian Crimea, ”   also appending a set to Bananarama’s ‘ Inappropriate Summer. ‘

“ You had a few options this summer: Palm Jumeirah Beaches, Antalya Resorts, Cuban Cabanas. You chose Crimea; big mistake. Time to head home, ”   the video says, at 1 point cutting between scenic shots of the named holiday destinations and explosions erupting from Moscow’s Saki Air Base on the peninsula earlier this week.

It also included footage of beachgoers in Crimea fleeing blasts, with large plumes of smoke seen in the backdrop as the people scramble to safety.

While Kiev’s military strongly insinuated it was behind the explosions, Russian officials have was adamant the air base did not come under attack, and that the blasts were caused by a good accidental detonation of ammo. Local authorities confirmed that at least one person was killed within the incident.

Russia’s Travel Industry Association, in the meantime, observed that  “ according to preliminary information, the explosion happened far away in the tourist zone, ”   with no casualties among visitors.

The particular predominantly Russian-speaking peninsula associated with Crimea was previously part of Ukraine, but joined Russia in 2014 following a referendum on reunification, which itself came after the Maidan coup within Kiev. Since that time, the Saki Air Base has located a Russian naval aviation unit assigned to the Black Ocean Fleet, according to RIA Novosti news agency.

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